Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's Day 2012!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone! =)

Its the lovey dovey day of the year again! This year didnt really splurge on expensive stuff, rather we decided to exchange hand-made gifts instead! =)

Also, we had a nice simple dinner at Mouth Restaurant at City Square! We had initially intention of going there for Korean BBQ thinking it shouldnt be crowded as City Square doesnt usually have many people on weekdays. But we were so wrong! The queue was super long and packed everywhere! Ended up we had to go to Mouth Restaurant for dinner as it was the only place not crowded at that time. But thank goodness we went in time, as shortly after the place was also packed and the queue was also extremely long!

 Anyway dinner was yummylicious! =)

Yum and thanks dearie! =)

Yours Truly! =)

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