Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Happy Chinese New Year! Welcome The Dragon Year!

First of all, Happy Chinese New Year everyone!!! May the new year ahead with filled with good health and prosperity for all of you! :)

Its the Dragon year again. The year where many couples choose to get married and also give birth to many 'dragon' babies!

Anyway I shant rant too much! here are some photos taken this CNY! =)

 Taken on the eve of CNY! Muffin with my Booze~ =)

 With My Bro and Cousin at KBox Mount Faber Safra on CNY Day1! =)

 Hi-Tea at Carousel with my family and relatives on CNY Day 1!

 At my Uncle's place on CNY day 2! His super smart and cute Jack Russel, Happy! =)

 My Cousin's 2 precious baby boys! So adorable!! =)

Finally my darling Muffin! =)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

FT Island Autograph Session! =)

Finally after the long long wait, FT Island is back to visit Singapore from 15-16Jan2012 ! =) Although I didnt manage to get the tix to their FT Island PLAY! concert on 15Jan2012, but I'm glad I made it to see them at their Autograph session held at City Square on 16Jan2012!

Right after work, rushed over there to meet Amelia and starting snapping photos! They are soooooooo cute!! 귀여운!!

Lee Hongki and Choi Jonghyun!! My 2 fave members of FT Island! =)

After the session, out legs and arms were so tired from standing and holding our cameras to snap photos, and we decided to head to Korean BBQ for our dinner! =)

 Amelia & Me! =)


Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!!


May the year ahead be better than the years before!

New year this year has been busy busy for me! I had been rushing around like a Bee. Super tiring!

I went to Causeway Point to get myself a new Iphone 4S White 16GB, and sold it within 1 hour at Tampines Central. How sad.

Truly hope this year would be much much better! Hope I can earn more money, and achieve much much more in life this year!

Reflections on 2011 (Back to 2011 New Year)

2011 had indeed been a year that zoom by really quickly. Alot of happenings for me in this 1 year. Changed 3 jobs (Not exactly something to be proud of or happy about). Bought myself my very first car. Got myself a couple of CC which I had wanted(which caused myself to be in many debts right now!) Renovations at my house, and for the 1st time we moved to a rented apartment and stayed with outsiders (which was honestly not a very pleasant experience). Moved back into my newly renovated old house. Met new good friends such as Jen, Liangching, Peggie, Faye, Grace, Belinda, Yiwen, and new colleagues who had been really nice thus far such as Doreen and Jerene. I would say I am truly blessed with nice friends and colleagues around me througout this year. It has been an awesome year indeed!

2011 New Year Resolution
- Save more money
- Lose 7kgs of weight
- Work really hard and aim for my newly set personal targets for 2011
- Pick up Korean language
- Improve my temper, patience and tolerance
- Keep fit & healthy

Sadly I didnt manage to save more money since I spend most of it on my car. My temper, patience and tolerance have improved a little bit, but I guess I still need to work on it. I did Lose 7kgs, but soon gain them back again. :(

2012 New Year Resolution
- Stop Procrastinating!
- Earn more Moolah! and Save more Moolahs!
- Clear my debts!
- Lose 7Ks of Weight AGAIN!
- Improve on my Korean Language
- Be able to play at least 3 songs on my guitar
- Improve my temper, patience and tolerance
- Reach my personal target for 2012

With this newly set 2012 New Year Resolution, I'm ready to embark on this new year! Hope this new year would be as awesome as the years before, or even better! =)
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