Thursday, December 22, 2011

Xmas 2011 is nearing!!

Hey all lovely readers!

The Festive Season is here again!! X'mas 2011 is nearing! Any special, fun, exciting plans to celebrate this festive season?

Anyway for myself, its gonna be the same as the previous 2 years. Dinner party countdown at Bf's relative's place! On top of that yesterday had a Xmas Lunch in Office, and also a gift exchange session with my Healthy Lunch Khakis! Its quite a nice event, everyone were happy with their presents and we all had a good time! =)

 Pressies (to-date)! (more to come! woohoo~) =)

 Xmas Lunch in Office! =)

 My Pretty Boss and Pretty Colleague! =)

Jelly Beans and Gummy Bears! My fave! =)

Also this year, I'm receiving lots of cards, and presents not only from my colleagues but also from my vendors who were really nice! =) Cookies, candies, chocolates, gummies, etc! I guess thats the fun about being on the other side. For those who dont know what I'm talking about, well I was previously a Recruitment Consultant in an Employment Agency, and usually it would be the Agencies's role to buy presents to give to the clients or customer as a token of appreciation or rather, to 'curry flavour' them. Right now, I'm on the other side recieving these presents from the agencies! =) =)

Also, 1-2 weeks ago, my family celebrated my Dad's birthday at Medz @ Orchard Central. Food was quite good, ambience was good, service was good and we all enjoyed ourselves over a nice yummy dinner filled with laughters and warmth!

(Photos to be added on later)

After dinner, we took a stroll to view the lightings and decos along Orchard Road. This year the lightings arent really fantastic but as always the ambience there is really joyous as it was crowded with people taking photos, laughing and having fun. =)

(More photos to be added on later)

Hope each and everyone of you would enjoy your X'mas as much I do! =)

May your X'mas Sparkle with moments of LOVE, LAUGHTERS & GOODWILL!


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