Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Overdued post!

Gosh, many things have happened over these past weeks, and I simply have no time to sit down comfortably to blog a proper post. On top of that I seriously need a new lappy!!

- Many happenings in office.
 * Faye, Belinda and Yiwen are no longer working with me. Had farewell meals with them which was kinda saddening since they left 1 after another in such a short span of time.
 * I've decided to resign as well.
 * My sweet friends and colleagues organized a Birthday ktv session for me at Partyworld.
 * The stress is killing me. So bad that I have very frequent migraine these days!
 * Had a nice wine and dine with all my colleagues at CMPB (Contemporary Melting Pot & Bar @ Dempsey Road) - Super awesome food and wine served! The ambiance and live band there was quite good as well! Totally recommended! I would foresee myself heading there again sometime soon! This time round not much pictures as I didnt bring my camera. I promise more photos next time! :))

- Went to the Jurong Fishery Port which was quite an eye (and nose) opener for me. The fishy stench is quite bad! The floor is really dirty and wet. BUT, the Fishes and other seafood are all really fresh there. So fresh that some are still alive. The fishes are also really huge!

- Had a steamboat and BBQ session at his cousin's place.

- I found another job which i would probably enjoy more and something I had been wanting to do for sometime.

- I miraculously passed my Korean Language Basic Level 2 test! Considering i didnt attend almost 4 session as I was caught up with work and all.And i didnt even practice nor open the book to read at all!

- I bought myself a new pair of glasses from Ted Baker together with Rain jie! And we both decided to get the same frame!! Reason being we both like our red frame specs! She lost her previous pair and mine was old and partly damaged from one of my scuba diving trip years back! haha! =)

Many many other nitty gritty that i couldnt even remember off hand right now.

Well whatever it is, these few weeks had been really hectic for me. So much so that I hardly had proper time for myself to even have a breather!

Right now I'm really looking forward to starting my new career, and I hope this time round its the right move. Sincerely dread job hopping!!

These few weeks many events coming up as well!

* Faye's birthday celebration tomorrow. (probably going kite flying if it doesnt rain)
* Lil Bro's 21st Birthday (I still cant think of the right gift to get or make for him!)
* Car servicing soon! (Still hesitating on which workshop I should bring it to. Project S? BMS? or Autobacs in JB)

Gosh everything requires money!! i hope more moolahs will be showered on me!! =p

Ciao for now! Hopefully my next update wont be tooo long later! =) Stay tuned! :)

(*photos missing from this post will be added on later when I have the time to upload them into my lappy!)

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