Sunday, September 11, 2011

House Warming ♥

Been close to 3 months since we moved back home after the major renovation. Finally the house is more or less settled down and we manage to find time to organize an officially house warming session.

We organized 3 sessions, 1st session for our friends and colleagues, 2nd session for my dad's relatives, and 3rd session for my mum's relatives. 1st and 2nd session had been held, and the 3rd session would likely be held next week or the week after.

I shant write too much, and will let my photos do the talking. =)
(photos taken from the Canon EOS 60D! finally have the chance to play around with it!)

1st Session - Friends and Colleagues (4September2011)

my room and bro's room!
parent's room and the restroom!
 the food and technical area!

the food!

 the guests!

The living room and hall, and fruits!
my kitchen!

 Muffin dearest shake hand!

 my TBB colleagues! =)

the gifts, my dearest muffin, and my dearest COT! =)

2nd Session - Dad's Relatives (11September2011 - Today)

 the peranakan food! and some peranakan antique pieces left from my grandma!
 muffin dearest, and the view from my balcony!

 my pretty cousin, and my mum with my dearest Muffin!

my relatives and my pretty cousin! =)

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