Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Blessed Birthday to Yours truly! =)

Happy blessed birthday to me, Happy blessed birthday to me, Happy blessed birthday to myself, Happy blessed birthday to me!!

Hereby officially wanna commemorate myself breathing for 24years on planet earth. Wonderful yet dreadful. I wanna be 17 again!!

On this day, I wanna be thankful to my parents, for without them I wouldnt be on this planet earth, for without them I wouldnt be who I am today, for without them I wouldnt be able to sit in front of my lappy now and writing this post on my blog.

I love my beloved parents!! Thanks for coming together and bringing me into this world! =)

Alot to reflect back upon. Many sweet birthday celebrations and moments. Every year seem different. Celebrating with different friends, parties, clubbing, dinner, lunch, simple heartwarming get together to my family, surprises, etc.

This year its also going to be very different. No elaborated celebrations or parties. Just a simple dinner date arranged by BF later on at night, and a belated birthday dinner with my family when my bro is home some time later as we've all been really busy these days. And a couple of lunch and dinner treat from some close friend. Nothing more. I must say, for me, as each year passes, the number of friends celebrating with me and the presents really decreases...which is kinda saddening..but yet I know thats life, especially for me now since Im really busy with work and simple tooo tired to prepare anything.

Well, nonetheless, looking forward to dinner later on! And I hope work wouldnt be too stress for me later as well. Yea sad to say I would be working on my birthday!! Career comes first for me now, therefore no choice! Honestly I dont mind going to work cause I have my bunch of nice colleagues who would be making my day, but I pray really hard that nothing bad comes up, and pray that my boss wouldnt make my day bad!!

Anyway to those who had wished me "Happy Birthday", to those who had treated me to lunch or dinner, to those who had given me presents, I sincerely thank all of you from the bottom of my heart! Truly appreciate it! =) *hugs*

Thanks, 谢谢, 감사함니다 (kamsa-hamnida), ありがとう (arigato), terima-kasih, gam-sia!!  ♥

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