Monday, August 8, 2011

New Toy! Canon EOS 60D (DSLR)

Introducing my new toy! Canon EOS 60D (DSLR)

18.0 megapixels, 3" screen, APS-C sensor. Key features include an articulated LCD screen, a 18MP CMOS sensor, an ISO span of ISO 100-3200 (expandable to 12,800) and 1080p movie mode.

Totally in love with it! New hobby yet again! Photography! Not exactly new, as I initially already love photography. But I was only able to snap with my digital camera Samsung PL150 which wasnt exactly totally satisfying at time. Though it was enough for me previously. But I guess its just in the human nature to always want something better and never satisfied or contented with what they have. Of cause I wouldnt say that Im greedy, nor would i deny that Im a perfectionist. Thus since I can afford it I would get it. But if its not within my budget or capability then I'll just wait til that day arrives that I am able to do so. Thats my logic. Always good to aim high right? Hehe! :)

But this time round I'm pretty fortunate. My lil bro had suggested to get a DSLR instead! I'm tight on my budget these days since i just bought myself a car and have a heavy liability. Therefore I didnt dare to even think of spending too much on unnecessary wants. And he was really nice to offer to buy it himself instead! =) I'm blessed with a nice lil bro! But he's also blessed with a nice sister like me! wahahaha!! Cause, in the end we share the cost though the bigger proportion is paid by him this time round. =)

Excited to play with it and learn how to use it! Hope I can snap pretty photos and beautify my blog soon! =)

Do look out for the photos!


Amelia said...

wow! now your Canon user as well...same here ;)

Yuriko said...

hehe yup! =D

anonymousFAN said...

Nice monster you have there! Was deciding to get that or Olympus Pl2. Chose the latter. Have fun though!!


Yuriko said...

Thanks anonymousFAN! :) I see! have fun too! :)

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