Monday, August 29, 2011

Mixed Emotions

Its a day filled with Mixed emotions.

* Happy
* Sad
* Worried
* Pleased
* Excited

Came into office today and was surprised with a Bad news. A colleague and good friend has decided to resign as she felt that this is not for her. Kinda upset as I'll be losing a good friend and lunch khaki and our lil office sunshine. But on the other hand I understand how she felt and am glad for her.

After this news, came another news, which was Good for me but yet worrying for me. I've been officially confirmed as a Permanent staff with my current employer. And it was an advanced confirmation as I've yet to complete the 3 months probation. Happy as it was a compliment for me and at least I know my hardwork has been acknowledged and appreciated. But yet worried as I know there would be higher expectations from me and I didnt want to disappoint my boss. She's been nice and I appreciate the acknowledgement, compliments and rewards. Feeling more stress, burden and responsibilities on my (already) heavy shoulders!!

After work, went to TOUCHE at Orchard Hotel with my sweety Yiwen for our IPL and Facial session which I was kinda excited about as we've been talking about it for some time and am really looking forward to it. I must say the IPL experience was kinda weird, I was shocked on the first treatment. It wasnt exactly painful, but rather it felt like an electrifying ant bite! Haha! =)

After the session was done, I decided to treat her to a nice farewell dinner at California Pizza Kitchen at The Forum. Had previously gone there for dinner a few years ago, but it still taste as good, plus service was good and ambiance was nice as well. =)

Talked for a long time over dinner and I was feeling a little upset that I'll be seeing less of her in future. But glad we had made a pact to meet up every month to catch up and also for our IPL sessions together. =)

Anyway hereby wishing her the very best in her future endeavours! =)

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