Monday, June 27, 2011

New Toy Ride, New Hobby!

Recently bf and his friends started a new hobby, Cycling!

I initially cycled my old trusty bike, but since its old and the parts and all aint very good, it was rather tiring to cycle it around and catch up with the guys! Well, the things im the only girl among out group of cyclist!

I kinda feel apolegetic and embarressed as they have to keep slowing down or stop to wait for me as i simply cant catch up with their so called 'Lightspeed!'

But i guess it cant be help since girls are generally less 'macho' than guys! plus i havent cycled for many years! as in really cycling! since secondary school days i suppose! Plus i doubt i cycled soooo far before!

Anyway 1st day, Friday 24June2011, we went night cycling around east coast and to the jetty and back home.

2nd day, Saturday, 25June2011, we spend the day shopping for new bicycle for me and one of this friend. Finally i bought myself a new bicycle!! weeee~ After which at night took it out and meet with his friends and we cycled from Bedok to Kembangan to East coast park food centre to grab dinnner. After dinner we head straight towards Fort Road, Kallang leisurepark, Nicoll Highway, Suntec, Marina Square and toward Marina Bay Sands, Helix Bridge!! Super satisfying! but super straining on my poor butt and limbs! They were sooo tired and sore by the time we reach and imagine us having to cycle back home!! I almost died! Not literally! haha! Head to Simpang Bedok for supper before we eventually make our way back home.

My New Toy Ride!! Raleigh! Its White with Purple! Charming isnt it!! =)

My  New Toy Ride proudly standing on Helix Bridge!

Our rides on Helix Bridge! Total of 6 of us present that day! =)

Next stop, Pengarang Island, Malaysia, next weekend! 2July2011, Saturday! Excited! But worried for my butt and limbs!! Haha! Will update on our cycling trip by then!! Stay tuned! :)


Helix Marina said...

Wow, biking in Helix Marina Bridge. Miss this place, hope to visit again..

Yuriko said...

Hi! :) thanks for dropping by my humble site. you should probably revisit again! :)

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