Monday, July 11, 2011

2d1n Genting, Melaka 'loklok' Dinner

Totally Impromtu.

We were suppose to set off on Saturday morning, but end up we heard from news about some protesting going on in Malaysia and had wanted to cancel the trip. But alas in the afternoon after checking that all is fine, we set off to Malaysia.

Attendees: Me, Bf, Simon and Jean
Mode of Transport: Car

First stop was to JB to have Bak Kut Teh. After which we head straight up to Genting. Upon reaching, there was no rooms left! Fully booked! We worried for a while before a tour agency representative approached us to offer us a room! We got it right away, went up to unload our belongings and head to have dinner and played at the Casino. Had Mc-supper before we rested for the night.


Sunday woke up we we head washed up and packed up and checked out. Unload our stuff in the car and off we went to eat our brunch at Kenny Roger and continue our day at Genting. In the evening at about 6 plus, we left Genting.

Drove over to Melaka to have our 'loklok' dinner at Restoran Capitol Satay! Super yummylicious!! And the queue is super long!


Anyway after dinner, we drove back home. I was soo drained and tired i slept throughout the ride home! =p

Fun getaway nonetheless! Totally love the weather at Genting!! =)

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