Friday, June 17, 2011

New Job, New Challenge

I've been sooo busy these days!

Moved back home after the renovations. Unpacking the boxes. New job. OT!

So much is happening within this short period of time that i felt totally overwhelmed. Drained and exhausted every day!

Dont wish to rant too much here. Will upload photos of my newly renovated place as soon as i manage to pack everything in place and unpack every box!

Meanwhile I would like to upload some photos taken on my last day of work with Adecco! [3June2011] Seriously, i miss them all so much!! The fun we had, and the times we spend together... Thanks all for making my stay there memorable and valuable. It had been by far the best working experience in my life. :) Thanks all! ♥♥♥

 All our poloroids for the day!! :)

 Farewell lunch at The Ship!

 During lunch!

 My Team Mate and Manager! National 1 - P&G team!
 lovely ladies in office! :)

 my buddies! :)
 Thanks for the pressies! =)

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