Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Catch up session with BFF

Its been a few months since i last metmy BFF, Caelyn!

Finally manage to arrange a date with her! Met up with her and we head to ION, Paradise Dynasty for our dinner! Yummylicious foodie!

After dinner walk around and camwhored for quite awhile before we decide to hop over to Bugis to shop instead! That girl can really shop! She just came back from her trip to Taiwan and had already done quite alot of shopping and now back in SG she is shopping again! Haha! =p

After shopping, we decided to just find place to do more catching up before we head home for the night. =)

By the way, just in case you guys didnt notice, i had cut my hair again! Welcome back Bangs! Reason being im having eye infection and my doct suspect its due to my fringe that kept bothering and irritating my eyes thus causing it to have infection. And so off i went right away to the salon and cut it! Please DONT say i look' GONG' cuz i hate nonconstructive criticisms. And im Lovin' my hair the way it is!

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