Thursday, June 16, 2011


Its been awhile since I last did I proper advertorial. This time round, I'm gonna introduce yet another AWESOME blogshop that just made its way into the online market!

Introducing !! Do remember to SUPPORT!! =)

I had wanted to blog about it since last week when I received the package from them, but as some of you may know I had been too busy with moving house, and my new job. Finally have time to share this really awesome online shop with all my lovely readers!

This is the VERY pretty dress I gotten from them!

(Please pardon me. My hair was messed up and my face looks bad in this photo. Haha! =p Plus the lighting in my room at night and the angle just wasnt right! thus this is already the best that I am able to take! Promise I will wear this out soon and take a better photos with it! This just doesn't bring justice to the dress!)

I must say, its not only pretty! The material, quality, sizing, cutting of the dress is also very good! A total worthy piece!! The actual piece that i received is just as you see it in the photos as advertised in their blogshop!

The price for each piece is also really reasonable considering that the material and cutting is good. Comparing to buying something really cheap but of a low quality that looks cheap, spoils easily and has a very bad cutting. I would strongly recommend buying something of a reasonably low price that comes with good quality and pretty cutting!

Other then this piece that I chose, their other range and designs are also really pretty, fashionable and yet chic! Here are a few of it that I thought were really pretty too! =)

Item and Clothes aside, I'm someone who is also very particular about the service that was rendered. And without any hesitation, I would like to compliment on their top-notch service! Its was efficient and the owner was not only fast in responding, and fast in delivering, plus she puts in the effort to beautify the package personally!

Therefore i must say this is a TOTALLY worthy and awesome blogshop to visit and support!!

For more information, simply visit their blogshop Their facebook page url is,
and twitter account is,!/ilove53weeks

On top of that, they have a retail kiosk every Wednesday from 4pm to 9.30pm located Khatib Central! Here is the map to the place! 

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