Monday, June 27, 2011

New Toy Ride, New Hobby!

Recently bf and his friends started a new hobby, Cycling!

I initially cycled my old trusty bike, but since its old and the parts and all aint very good, it was rather tiring to cycle it around and catch up with the guys! Well, the things im the only girl among out group of cyclist!

I kinda feel apolegetic and embarressed as they have to keep slowing down or stop to wait for me as i simply cant catch up with their so called 'Lightspeed!'

But i guess it cant be help since girls are generally less 'macho' than guys! plus i havent cycled for many years! as in really cycling! since secondary school days i suppose! Plus i doubt i cycled soooo far before!

Anyway 1st day, Friday 24June2011, we went night cycling around east coast and to the jetty and back home.

2nd day, Saturday, 25June2011, we spend the day shopping for new bicycle for me and one of this friend. Finally i bought myself a new bicycle!! weeee~ After which at night took it out and meet with his friends and we cycled from Bedok to Kembangan to East coast park food centre to grab dinnner. After dinner we head straight towards Fort Road, Kallang leisurepark, Nicoll Highway, Suntec, Marina Square and toward Marina Bay Sands, Helix Bridge!! Super satisfying! but super straining on my poor butt and limbs! They were sooo tired and sore by the time we reach and imagine us having to cycle back home!! I almost died! Not literally! haha! Head to Simpang Bedok for supper before we eventually make our way back home.

My New Toy Ride!! Raleigh! Its White with Purple! Charming isnt it!! =)

My  New Toy Ride proudly standing on Helix Bridge!

Our rides on Helix Bridge! Total of 6 of us present that day! =)

Next stop, Pengarang Island, Malaysia, next weekend! 2July2011, Saturday! Excited! But worried for my butt and limbs!! Haha! Will update on our cycling trip by then!! Stay tuned! :)

Friday, June 17, 2011

New Job, New Challenge

I've been sooo busy these days!

Moved back home after the renovations. Unpacking the boxes. New job. OT!

So much is happening within this short period of time that i felt totally overwhelmed. Drained and exhausted every day!

Dont wish to rant too much here. Will upload photos of my newly renovated place as soon as i manage to pack everything in place and unpack every box!

Meanwhile I would like to upload some photos taken on my last day of work with Adecco! [3June2011] Seriously, i miss them all so much!! The fun we had, and the times we spend together... Thanks all for making my stay there memorable and valuable. It had been by far the best working experience in my life. :) Thanks all! ♥♥♥

 All our poloroids for the day!! :)

 Farewell lunch at The Ship!

 During lunch!

 My Team Mate and Manager! National 1 - P&G team!
 lovely ladies in office! :)

 my buddies! :)
 Thanks for the pressies! =)

Thursday, June 16, 2011


Its been awhile since I last did I proper advertorial. This time round, I'm gonna introduce yet another AWESOME blogshop that just made its way into the online market!

Introducing !! Do remember to SUPPORT!! =)

I had wanted to blog about it since last week when I received the package from them, but as some of you may know I had been too busy with moving house, and my new job. Finally have time to share this really awesome online shop with all my lovely readers!

This is the VERY pretty dress I gotten from them!

(Please pardon me. My hair was messed up and my face looks bad in this photo. Haha! =p Plus the lighting in my room at night and the angle just wasnt right! thus this is already the best that I am able to take! Promise I will wear this out soon and take a better photos with it! This just doesn't bring justice to the dress!)

I must say, its not only pretty! The material, quality, sizing, cutting of the dress is also very good! A total worthy piece!! The actual piece that i received is just as you see it in the photos as advertised in their blogshop!

The price for each piece is also really reasonable considering that the material and cutting is good. Comparing to buying something really cheap but of a low quality that looks cheap, spoils easily and has a very bad cutting. I would strongly recommend buying something of a reasonably low price that comes with good quality and pretty cutting!

Other then this piece that I chose, their other range and designs are also really pretty, fashionable and yet chic! Here are a few of it that I thought were really pretty too! =)

Item and Clothes aside, I'm someone who is also very particular about the service that was rendered. And without any hesitation, I would like to compliment on their top-notch service! Its was efficient and the owner was not only fast in responding, and fast in delivering, plus she puts in the effort to beautify the package personally!

Therefore i must say this is a TOTALLY worthy and awesome blogshop to visit and support!!

For more information, simply visit their blogshop Their facebook page url is,
and twitter account is,!/ilove53weeks

On top of that, they have a retail kiosk every Wednesday from 4pm to 9.30pm located Khatib Central! Here is the map to the place! 

Friday, June 10, 2011

Night Stay @ Marina Bay Sands

Happy Birthday Mr BF!

After work, went over to Suntec to meet him and Yiu for dinner at The Chinese Feast Restaurant! Food was good and the service was just wonderful! It was a ala carte buffet steamboat with appetizer, dim sum and desserts! Yum!

After dinner, his sister came over to meet us and we head over to Marina Bay Sands. On the way, we stop to admire the lightings and beautiful scenery from the bridge toward MBS. It totally got me blown away! I had stopped by the bridge before quite awhile ago with Lisa niece. But at that time the lightings were not as good! =)

Upon reaching the hotel room, we celebrated his birthday with his cake and photo taking. something really simple. After which we head upstairs to admire the view from the Skypark on the 57 storey, and went into the pool for a dip while taking photos! Sadly it was simply toooo dark and thus the shuttle speed on my camera was just way toooo slow that most of the photos turned out blur. :(

After the swim, we head back to Marina Square to play bowling before grabbing supper and heading back to the hotel. Back in the room, decided to soak myself in the nice bathtub which was in the really nice toilet, before turning in for the night!

Next morning, headed straight to office by cab. Super near! How i wish i permanently stay at MBS! That way i can cab to office everyday! Haha! =p

A totally enjoyable night stay at MBS! And i hope Mr BF was happy too! :)

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Advertorial: GSS sales is now ON!

Dear all! Good news! GSS sales is now on!!

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Simply visit or to find out more !

Or simply drop by the boutique at 132A Telok Ayer Street Singapore 068599

Do support ! Thanks! :)

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Catch up session with BFF

Its been a few months since i last metmy BFF, Caelyn!

Finally manage to arrange a date with her! Met up with her and we head to ION, Paradise Dynasty for our dinner! Yummylicious foodie!

After dinner walk around and camwhored for quite awhile before we decide to hop over to Bugis to shop instead! That girl can really shop! She just came back from her trip to Taiwan and had already done quite alot of shopping and now back in SG she is shopping again! Haha! =p

After shopping, we decided to just find place to do more catching up before we head home for the night. =)

By the way, just in case you guys didnt notice, i had cut my hair again! Welcome back Bangs! Reason being im having eye infection and my doct suspect its due to my fringe that kept bothering and irritating my eyes thus causing it to have infection. And so off i went right away to the salon and cut it! Please DONT say i look' GONG' cuz i hate nonconstructive criticisms. And im Lovin' my hair the way it is!
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