Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Glass Castle! 유리의 성

How many of you have SCV cable TV at home and watching ONE TV Asia? If you do, I believe you've heard or watched the K-drama, Glass Castle too! I would say its quite a good show to catch! Totally recommended to my readers!

Do check out this Page on Facebook to find out more about the show! And if u like Glass Castle 유리의 성, do remember to click on LIKE!! =)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Universal Studio Singapore!!

Planned 2 mths ahead for this! Finally the day has arrived!

Had slept very late the night before, but still i forced myself up and cabbed down to Harbourfront to meet up with Rain jie and Lester for McBreakfast!!

After our yummylicious breakfast, we rush off to ride the Cable Car towards Sentosa!! Upon arriving me changed to the monorail and alighted at the station to get to Universal Studio Singapore!!

Met up with the rest of my COT (Circle Of Trust - in case some of you may have already forgotten or am unaware, they are my group of really good buddies whom had gone thru alot with me throughout my university days).

Attendees: Rain, Lester, Jenny, WangLi, Mike, Gloria, Alex and Me!

First attraction when we entered, we were welcomed by the Kungfu Panda!! =) And thats where we manage to get our group shot taken! (except Alex who came late and missed it. :( )
Anyway its just way too much to blog here. (Plus im so busy and too tired to really sit down for long to update my blog these days. Please pardon me!) I'll just let my photos do the talking!

 Cable Car Ride! =) With Rain & Lester!

 Universal Studio!
 With the Kungfu Panda!
 Super handsome singer! =D *mesmerized!* LOL! and he was looking my way when i was snapping away! weeeeeeeeeee~

 The conquerors who took the terrifying roller coaster rides~ Human & Cylon! Weeeee~ =)

 Our yummy sumptuous dinner at Singapore Seafood Republic! =)

 Cute Dino Water bottles! Super exp! $20 each!

In summary, it had been an awesome day with my COT and we had already planned to re-visit USS again 1 year later when the Transformer is up! =)
Thanks all who had turned up! It had indeed been an awesome awesome day! =) Loves all~

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Korean Music Wave 2011 in Singapore !

I'm soooo excited and looking forward to the Korean Music Wave 2011 in Singapore!! Yesterday before going for my Korean language lessons, met up with Chloe slightly earlier to get out tickets for the concert from the Sistic Counter!! =)

Anyway this year the Korean Music Wave 2011 will be starring 10 korean pop acts! Namely, Big Bang,  2NE1, FT Island, U-KISS, Miss A, Teen Top, The Boss, TOUCH, DAL★SHABET and new boyband, X-5 will perform alongside!

I cant wait to see FT Island!! Especially Lee Hongki and Choi Jong Hun! (the 2 guys on the right in the photo below)

FT Island!

Big Bang & 2NE1 !!

Anyway the details are as below! Tickets are already running out fast!

Venue: Singapore Indoor Stadium
Date: 15 July 2011, Friday
Time: 8:00 PM
Duration: Approximately 2hrs 30mins to 3hrs

Tickets are priced as follows:
$318 for mosh pit
$318 for CAT 1 seated
$258 for CAT 2 seated
$198 for CAT 3 seated
$148 for CAT 4 seated
$118 for CAT 5 seated

Simply go to any Sistic Counters or visit their website to purchase your ticket! =)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My New Toy! Apple iPhone 4 White!

Havent got the time to sit down in front of my laptop to type a proper blog these days. Reason being, i'm busy, tired or simply to lazy to do so. Currently still staying at a rented apartment and thus find it troublesome to plug my laptop in and out, with slow internet speed since im using my iphone internet tethering service. Will try to blog as and when I'm more free. Thanks for your continual support and understanding my lovely readers! =)

Anyway as per my blog title, I've recently gotten a new toy! The much awaited Apple iPhone 4 in WHITE! Its truly a beauty! Thanks to my bf who was really sweet to buy it for me as an advanced anniversary pressie!. =)


This is my 4th consecutive White Mobile Phone! From my White Sony Ericsson W850i, to my White Samsung Omnia, to my previous White iPhone 3GS and now the White iPhone 4! Weeeee! =)


Totally in love with it! =) Thanks dearest!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Dinner at Rise @ Marina Bay Sands

It was Mother's Day & also Bennett's Birthday, yesterday. They had made reservations for us to have dinner at Rise @ Marina Bay Sands. Really expensive! $100+ per pax. But quite worth the money. The seafood and oysters were really fresh and good. There were many types of cheese, sashimi and sushis, chinese, indian and many other types of international food. Wide range of desserts as well! I didnt really snap many photos. Only took a few as i was busy eating most of the time =p

Rise @ MBS

The surrounding!

Yummy Strawberries!

Some of the desserts!

Anyway its recommended to give it a try! But the place is quite packed and I must comment that the place is quite big and there were many tables! so much so that its kinda messy. Anyway nice ambiance and good food! Advisable to make reservations before going down! =)

Us! =) 

Yours truly! Taken while on the way there.
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