Monday, March 28, 2011

Busy Packing!

I never knew packing and moving house would be sooooooooooo tiring. I mean i know its gonna be alot of work, but i've not experienced it for myself. (except for packing and moving of office many years back when i was working with UOB).

I always thought my room shouldnt be that difficult to pack up and move since i kept most of my stuff in boxes, and i only had to pack my clothes and stuffed toys into carton boxes. But its only when i really started packing that i realize i had more junk than i thought i had (considering i just did spring cleaning in January before Chinese New Year!) And, i had more stuffed toys clothes, bags, books, and many many other misc stuff than i had initially thought! Apparently i had managed to stuff them all nicely into their respective boxes and cabinet that i dont see most of it! *faints*

I had been packing for 2 weeks now and the progress at the moment is probably only 1/4 or 1/3 of my room, and i had already filled 9 huge cartons, and 4 smaller cartons of only books! -.-" im soo dead! I've also decided to let go many of my old toys and pretty stationeries. Sending them all to the orphanages! Think it'll be more useful for them than keeping them wasted in my cabinet. Hope im able to contribute more to them! Feels gd being able to help them! =)

Anyway if you're wondering, after i mentioned so much about my packing, i'm not exactly moving house! But my place would be doing major renovations for 2 months, thus we have to move EVERYTHING out of the house, and we'll be living at a rented place for the time being!

Im soooo excited! Excited because i'll be having a whole 'new' house after living there for the past 20years of my life! (new cause everything would be changed! the layout, furnitures, colours!) And im also excited because my rented place would be huge! Mayb not VERY huge to some of you out there, but its larger than my current place, and for once in my life, i get to live in a landed property! Haha! (Although in future i really hope i'm able to earn enough to officially move my whole family into one that i can call my own!)

ONLY down side is, I'll have to board Muffin at the petshop for 2 months. Im soooo gonna miss him! Unable to bring him along because the owner of the rented place doenst allow dogs inside the house (due to the parque flooring), and i cant possibly put Muffin in the garden all day long, he will bark non stop~ =( Sigh~ Anyone here able to help me care for him for 2 months?

Anyway just call me up or drop me a message if you are able to help me out yea! =) Much appreciated!


Caelyn said...

LOL!! I want to go your house! Hehehehe.. You should buy lesser things.. If not it's like moving rubbish back to your new reno house. LOL.. I wish i got one own house too. =/

Yuriko said...

haha! yea i stopped buying things for now le. by then when my house done le then can buy things again! hehe! =p go my house? now? haha its like war zone! by then my house done le, then i will invite you over!! hehe!

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