Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy and Satisfied ME!

Been craving for Gelare Waffles with Ice Cream again, but as BF was sick and wasnt feeling too well the last few days, we couldnt eat it and thus i had to 'Tahan' til he was better! Finally today, we decided to head to Downtown East! First we head for dinner at BBQ Chicken. Its a Korean No.1 chicken restuarant! Haha! And so being a Korean fan, we decided to give it a try~ Yum! the food is pretty good, but the service not very fantastic. Oh well. all the young student, what can we expect~ I was hoping the waiter and waitress would all be Korean! Hehe! =p But nonetheless, we ate til we were soooo full i almost wanted to puke!

(Click on Picture to Link to website for a peek at thier menu! =))

But since our main purpose for heading to Downtown East was to satisfy my craving, we were determined to eat it no matter how full we are! And off to Gelare we went! Thank GOD we were just on time! In fact we're the 2nd last customer before they closed for the day and stop all orders! Phew~ Ordered the regular Waffles with 2 scoops of Ice cream, Chocolate Overload and Mocha Chips, with my favourite Maple Syrup and Whipped Cream!! YUM! Gelare has always been my favourite dessert place, and has NEVER ever go wrong for me! =) Definitely the Best place for Waffles with Ice cream ever on earth! (or at least to me~! hehe!) That explains why i ALWAYS have cravings for it! Hehe!

(Click on Picture to Link to their website for more info IF you've not heard of them, which i hope NOT! =p)


After eating i was so full i really felt like puking and definitely want to sleep right away! Bf send me back home, i washed up and head to bed to rest awhile, played some games on my iPhone before i finally knocked out for the night~ =)

Nights World!

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footballscoretoday said...

absolutely yummy... no doubt

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