Saturday, January 1, 2011

Countdown Dinner Party @ Hilton Hotel Ballroom

On the last day of the year 2010, attended a countdown dinner party at Hilton hotel ballroom with BF and his family. It was a party organized by the Chao Yang Association. There were food of course, performance, some talk, games, and of cuz the countdown party! Everyone, the young and even the old were all dancing, fooling around and teasing everyone. It was pretty rowdy with everyone screaming, shouting, singing, blowing of whistles and als the sound of party poppers and loud music played!

Pretty fun i would say, and of cuz everyone was excited to win the lucky draw dip! I personally didnt win anything, but his family won themselves shopping vouchers and a digital camera! How lucky is that! Hehe!

After the party it was already 12plus nearing to 1am, i was of cuz sleepy but yet excited that its already the year 2011 at that very point of time! But alas upon reaching home, i washed up and was the first to head to bed and knocked out! Toooo tired to do anything else~ =p Thats how i spend my last day and last moments of year 2010, and the first day and first moments of year 2011~ =)

Below are some of the photos taken! I'll just let the photos do the talking! =)

Camwhoring at home before heading out~

Bf and Me. Camwhoring before event start as we were too bored! =p

In the ballroom~ Party~

Us and his family~ =)

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