Friday, December 30, 2011

Poker Face !

No I'm not thinking about the song. But rather about what a friend of mine, said to me some time ago. It suddenly crossed my mind today, and thus decided to blog about it.

For those who aint very sure what it really meant (other than knowing the song), below is the defination of the word, Poker Face.


- Informal, a face without expression, as that of a poker player attempting to conceal the value of his cards
- A face lacking any interpretable expression, as that of an expert poker player.

As mentioned, my friend had actually told me that I have a Poker Face. And this is only noticed recently. She mentioned that previously I didnt have a poker face, and in fact usually 1 look at my face and you will know exactly what I am feeling at that moment. I dont know if its due to age, stress, lethargy or simply the environment. But I actually do kind of agree with her to a certain extent.

Oh well....Poker Face or not, I guess the only venue which wouldnt be able to know would be through my blog, for my facial expression would not be shown nor portrayed. But 1 thing for sure, the emotions I feel are greatly reflected in my words.

I may not be a great speaker on stage, as I would stammer due to stage fright.
I may not be an awesome friend, as I am not really good with words of console.


I do think I would be a better writer than most people I know, for when writing, I would not stammer nor be afraid of people laughing at me.
I will try my best to be there for my friends to lend a listening ear, lend my shoulders to cry on, and offer a warm hug when needed.
I do think that I try my very best to console and give advice to my friends through writing, blogging, SMSing, and even MSNing.

People who know me would know better. Well this is just yet another random post which suddenly crossed my mind. Just sharing, and I hope my readers would get to know me better and enjoy reading! =)

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Play! FT Island Concert in Singapore 2012!

FT Island fans and lovers! or rather, Primadonnas! FT Island full-scale Concert will finally be held in Singapore for the first time on 15th January 2012 (Sunday) at 6pm!

Have you gotten your Tix!? I would love to get mine, but due to financial issue I am able to! :( *sulks* Hopefully I would win the tickets or am able to get them by then! In anyway, I would be heading down with Amelia to their Autograph session on 16th January 2012 (Monday) at 6.30pm located at City Square! =)

♥♥ Hongki & Jonghyun!! ♥♥

Sooooo Looking forward to seeing them again!! =)

Play! FT Island Concert Singapore
Date: 15th Jan 2012, Sunday
Time: 6PM
Venue: The MAX Pavilion, Singapore Expo (Directions)
Duration: Approx. 2 hours
Price: $198.00, $168.00, $138.00, $108.00, $28.00
Organiser: ONE Production

FT Island Autograph Session
Date: 16th Jan 2012, Monday
Time: 6.30PM
Venue: City Square Mall, L1 Atrium

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Admiration and Adoration: Jang Geun Suk!

Totally filled with Admiration and Adoration for Jang Geun Suk!! 


Jang Geun Suk recently was reported to secretly donate USD$1.2 million to Hanyang University last month (November2011) to help deserving students and fund their scholarship in the film and acting department. And on 19th December he was invited to attend a commemoration ceremony for his donation to Hanyang University. (Click here for full details of News)

On top of that, he was also reported to be the youngest star to be included in the 1% of real estate wealth among celebrtities. Expert analyst explained, “As Jang Geun Suk is 24 years old, this makes him the youngest and one of the wealthiest amongst the stars. He bought a building estimated to be worth $14 million USD this year.” The building is located in Nonhyun-dong, the same building his agency is in. (Click Here for full details of News)

WOW! This is really a BIG WOW dont you agree?! I would say he is really a very impressive guy, considering his age (Mind you, he is the same age as me! Therefore I am totally impressed and blown away by these news!) I suddenly feel super rejuvenated and motivated all over again to work and strive hard for myself and for my future! I shall set him as a benchmark towards my goal!~ =)

Talented, Charming, Charismatic, and also Smart! Probably an almost close to perfect guy in other words!

Anyway more News about him!!

KBS 2TV would be airing a documentary on Jang Geun Suk on 1st January 2012! Do look out for it! =) (Click here for more details of News)

I am soooooo looking forward to his new Drama starring with YoonA which is still in the midst of filming, "Love Rain (사랑비)" =) Hopefully it would be aired soon!!

Sypnosis Extracted from Here:

"Love Rain" depicts a 1970's pure love and a love from the present day at the same time. It shows how the offsprings of a previous ill-fated couple, who met in the 1970s, managed to meet and fall in love. Seo In Ha and Kim Yoon Hee, a art student and a shy beauty, met and fell in love with each other during college in the 1970s but unfortunately their love was fated to never be. Now in the present 21st century Korea, Seo In Ha's son, Seo Joon (a liberal photographer) meets and falls in with the daughter of Kim Yoon Hee, Kim Ha Na, a cheerful and energetic girl who's personality is different from her mother's. Will their love for each other keep them together or will they have to face the same fate as their parents?

And last but not least, Jang Geun Suk opens his very own Youtube Channel to provide a CCTV into his daily life!! His channel currently contains his music videos, excepts from his concerts, and some behind-the-scenes clips. Through his new ‘Psycho_j Studio‘, he aims to give fans a secret glimpse into his daily life as honestly and as candidly as possible. The idea of this CCTV channel is attracting widespread attention, since celebrities mainly use their YouTube accounts to share official videos only.

To all my lovely readers, hope this would be a good update for all of you Jang Geun Suk fans and lovers! =)
Stay tuned for more updates! =)

Saturday, December 24, 2011

SALES: Cute Earphones & MP3 Players


Dear All Readers, I have a couple of cute earphones and MP3 players to sell. ALL Brand New! Awesome gift for the kids or even for adults! Do feel free to contact me either by dropping me a comment in this post or simply drop me an email at if you are interested. Thanks for your support! =)

*Please indicate the Model Number, Color, Quantity, Name, Email, Contact Number & Address.
*ONLY by mail or self-collection at my convenience. (For registered mail, Singpost charges additional $2.24 to the overall normal postage charge (according to the weight of package). Normal postage varies between $1 to $1.50 depending on number of items bought and weight)
*Payment to be made by Bank Transfer (Will be informed after confirming orders)

Cute Earphones! Limited pieces left! $3.90 each
(When ordering, Indicate A, B, C or D - Left to Right as per photo above)

Model 001. Apple-shaped MP3 Player! Available in Black. (Excluding memory card) Only 1 piece left! $18 ONLY! (SOLD!)

Model 002. Mini-sized MP3 Player! Available in Blue & Black. (Includes White Earphones, USB Cable & Charger)(Excluding memory card) Only 1 Black left! (As per photo above) $15 ONLY! (Blue SOLD)

Model 003. Longated MP3 Player! Available in Silver & Gold. (Includes White Earphones, USB Cable & Charger)(Excluding memory card) Only 1 of each color left! (As per photo above) $15 ONLY!

Model 004. Rounded-ends Shiny Surfaced MP3 Player! Available in Shiny Light Blue. (Includes White Earphones, USB Cable & Charger)(Excluding memory card) Only 1 piece left! $16 ONLY!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Xmas 2011 is nearing!!

Hey all lovely readers!

The Festive Season is here again!! X'mas 2011 is nearing! Any special, fun, exciting plans to celebrate this festive season?

Anyway for myself, its gonna be the same as the previous 2 years. Dinner party countdown at Bf's relative's place! On top of that yesterday had a Xmas Lunch in Office, and also a gift exchange session with my Healthy Lunch Khakis! Its quite a nice event, everyone were happy with their presents and we all had a good time! =)

 Pressies (to-date)! (more to come! woohoo~) =)

 Xmas Lunch in Office! =)

 My Pretty Boss and Pretty Colleague! =)

Jelly Beans and Gummy Bears! My fave! =)

Also this year, I'm receiving lots of cards, and presents not only from my colleagues but also from my vendors who were really nice! =) Cookies, candies, chocolates, gummies, etc! I guess thats the fun about being on the other side. For those who dont know what I'm talking about, well I was previously a Recruitment Consultant in an Employment Agency, and usually it would be the Agencies's role to buy presents to give to the clients or customer as a token of appreciation or rather, to 'curry flavour' them. Right now, I'm on the other side recieving these presents from the agencies! =) =)

Also, 1-2 weeks ago, my family celebrated my Dad's birthday at Medz @ Orchard Central. Food was quite good, ambience was good, service was good and we all enjoyed ourselves over a nice yummy dinner filled with laughters and warmth!

(Photos to be added on later)

After dinner, we took a stroll to view the lightings and decos along Orchard Road. This year the lightings arent really fantastic but as always the ambience there is really joyous as it was crowded with people taking photos, laughing and having fun. =)

(More photos to be added on later)

Hope each and everyone of you would enjoy your X'mas as much I do! =)

May your X'mas Sparkle with moments of LOVE, LAUGHTERS & GOODWILL!


Friday, November 25, 2011

Don't Go Breaking My Heart 單身男女

Its been awhile since I last updated. Again I know I have alot to update and blog about but simply have no time. Bit by bit I will try to update the happenings last few weeks, or if not, simply check out my Facebook which I update much more frequently instead.

Anyway happen to catch a HK movie recently which I thought was quite nice. Not the best, but good for those who love to watch movies to make that wish a fairytale would also struck them in reality. 2 good looking actors as main character, Louis Koo, and Daniel Woo! =)

Don't Go Breaking My Heart 單身男女

Synopsis (extract from

Mainlander & financial analyst Cheng Zixin (Yuanyuan Gao), who followed her then boyfriend Owen (Terence Yin) to Hong Kong, runs into her ex-boyfriend while riding the bus. Owen is now with his pregnant wife and when his wife spots Owen talking to his ex she she freaks out. Cheng hurriedly gets off the bus and, being in a daze, is almost run over by a car. A haggard drunk named Fang (Daniel Wu) then saves Cheng.

Meanwhile, in a nearby car, sits CEO Cheung Shen (Louis Koo) who watches everything that transpires. CEO Cheung Shen is a playboy who also works in an office building directly adjacent to Cheng Zixin. Cheung Shen soon starts to woo Cheng Zixin by sending messages to her through the window of his office building. The drunk haggard Fang, who saved Cheng Zixin's life, runs into Cheng Zixin a few weeks later. It turns out that the drunk haggard is a Canadian-born top architect going through personal problems. They soon become friends.

Meanwhile I will try as best as I can to update this little space of mine! =)

Thanks all for the continuous support! =)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Overdued post!

Gosh, many things have happened over these past weeks, and I simply have no time to sit down comfortably to blog a proper post. On top of that I seriously need a new lappy!!

- Many happenings in office.
 * Faye, Belinda and Yiwen are no longer working with me. Had farewell meals with them which was kinda saddening since they left 1 after another in such a short span of time.
 * I've decided to resign as well.
 * My sweet friends and colleagues organized a Birthday ktv session for me at Partyworld.
 * The stress is killing me. So bad that I have very frequent migraine these days!
 * Had a nice wine and dine with all my colleagues at CMPB (Contemporary Melting Pot & Bar @ Dempsey Road) - Super awesome food and wine served! The ambiance and live band there was quite good as well! Totally recommended! I would foresee myself heading there again sometime soon! This time round not much pictures as I didnt bring my camera. I promise more photos next time! :))

- Went to the Jurong Fishery Port which was quite an eye (and nose) opener for me. The fishy stench is quite bad! The floor is really dirty and wet. BUT, the Fishes and other seafood are all really fresh there. So fresh that some are still alive. The fishes are also really huge!

- Had a steamboat and BBQ session at his cousin's place.

- I found another job which i would probably enjoy more and something I had been wanting to do for sometime.

- I miraculously passed my Korean Language Basic Level 2 test! Considering i didnt attend almost 4 session as I was caught up with work and all.And i didnt even practice nor open the book to read at all!

- I bought myself a new pair of glasses from Ted Baker together with Rain jie! And we both decided to get the same frame!! Reason being we both like our red frame specs! She lost her previous pair and mine was old and partly damaged from one of my scuba diving trip years back! haha! =)

Many many other nitty gritty that i couldnt even remember off hand right now.

Well whatever it is, these few weeks had been really hectic for me. So much so that I hardly had proper time for myself to even have a breather!

Right now I'm really looking forward to starting my new career, and I hope this time round its the right move. Sincerely dread job hopping!!

These few weeks many events coming up as well!

* Faye's birthday celebration tomorrow. (probably going kite flying if it doesnt rain)
* Lil Bro's 21st Birthday (I still cant think of the right gift to get or make for him!)
* Car servicing soon! (Still hesitating on which workshop I should bring it to. Project S? BMS? or Autobacs in JB)

Gosh everything requires money!! i hope more moolahs will be showered on me!! =p

Ciao for now! Hopefully my next update wont be tooo long later! =) Stay tuned! :)

(*photos missing from this post will be added on later when I have the time to upload them into my lappy!)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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Dear all lovely readers,

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Pencil & Eraser ( Touching Story )

Found this story online and felt its really good! :) Enjoy!

Pencil & Eraser ( Touching Story ) 

Pencil: I'm sorry Eraser: For what? You didn't do anything wrong. 

Pencil: I'm sorry because you get hurt because of me. Whenever I made a mistake, you're always there to erase it. But as you make my mistakes vanish, you lose a part of yourself. You get smaller and smaller each time. 

Eraser: That's true. But I don't really mind. You see, I was made to do this. I was made to help you whenever you do something wrong. Even though one day, I know I'll be gone and you'll replace me with a new one, I'm actually happy with my job. So please, stop worrying. I hate seeing you sad. 

I found this conversation between the pencil and the eraser very inspirational. Parents are like the eraser whereas their children are the pencil. They're always there for their children, cleaning up their mistakes. Sometimes along the way, they get hurt, and become smaller / older, and eventually pass on. Though their children will eventually find someone new (spouse), but parents are still happy with what they do for their children, and will always hate seeing their precious ones worrying, or sad. All my life, I've been the pencil. And it pains me to see the eraser that is my parents getting smaller and smaller each day. For I know that one day, all that I'm left with would be eraser shavings and memories of what I used to have.  

“We never know the love of our parents for us till we have become parents.”  

Extracted from ""

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Happy Blessed Birthday to Yours truly! =)

Happy blessed birthday to me, Happy blessed birthday to me, Happy blessed birthday to myself, Happy blessed birthday to me!!

Hereby officially wanna commemorate myself breathing for 24years on planet earth. Wonderful yet dreadful. I wanna be 17 again!!

On this day, I wanna be thankful to my parents, for without them I wouldnt be on this planet earth, for without them I wouldnt be who I am today, for without them I wouldnt be able to sit in front of my lappy now and writing this post on my blog.

I love my beloved parents!! Thanks for coming together and bringing me into this world! =)

Alot to reflect back upon. Many sweet birthday celebrations and moments. Every year seem different. Celebrating with different friends, parties, clubbing, dinner, lunch, simple heartwarming get together to my family, surprises, etc.

This year its also going to be very different. No elaborated celebrations or parties. Just a simple dinner date arranged by BF later on at night, and a belated birthday dinner with my family when my bro is home some time later as we've all been really busy these days. And a couple of lunch and dinner treat from some close friend. Nothing more. I must say, for me, as each year passes, the number of friends celebrating with me and the presents really decreases...which is kinda saddening..but yet I know thats life, especially for me now since Im really busy with work and simple tooo tired to prepare anything.

Well, nonetheless, looking forward to dinner later on! And I hope work wouldnt be too stress for me later as well. Yea sad to say I would be working on my birthday!! Career comes first for me now, therefore no choice! Honestly I dont mind going to work cause I have my bunch of nice colleagues who would be making my day, but I pray really hard that nothing bad comes up, and pray that my boss wouldnt make my day bad!!

Anyway to those who had wished me "Happy Birthday", to those who had treated me to lunch or dinner, to those who had given me presents, I sincerely thank all of you from the bottom of my heart! Truly appreciate it! =) *hugs*

Thanks, 谢谢, 감사함니다 (kamsa-hamnida), ありがとう (arigato), terima-kasih, gam-sia!!  ♥

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

반말송 Banmal song ♥ (Song, Lyrics & Guitar Tab)

Super sweet love song, composed and sang by none other then 정용화 Jung Yong Hwa (C.N.Blue)

Totally addicted to this song and to him right now!!  ♥

맨처음 너를 보던 날
수줍기만 하던 너의 맑은 미소도
오늘이 지나면 가까워 질거야
매일 설레는 기대를 해

무슨 말을 건네 볼까
어떻게 하면 네가 웃어줄까
손을 건네보다 어색해질까봐
멋쩍은 웃음만 웃어봐

우리 서로 반말하는 사이가 되기를
아직 조금 서투르고 어색한데도
고마워요 라는 말투 대신
좀 더 친하게 말을 해줄래

우리 서로 반말하는 사이가 될거야
한걸음씩 천천히 다가와
이젠 내 두눈을 바라보며 말을 해줄래
널 사랑해

너와의 손을 잡던날
심장이 멈춘듯한 기분들에
무슨말 했는지 기억조차 안나
마냥 설레는 기분인걸

우리 서로 반말하는 사이가 되기를
아직 조금 서투르고 어색한데도
고마워요 라는 말투 대신
좀 더 친하게 말을 해줄래

우리 서로 반말하는 사이가 될거야
한걸음씩 천천히 다가와
이젠 내 두눈을 바라보며 말을 해줄래
널 사랑해

우리 서로 사랑하는 사이가 되기를
잡은 두손 영원히 놓지 않을꺼야
바라보는 너의 눈빛속에
행복한 미소만 있길 바래

우리 서로 사랑하는 사이가 될꺼야
아껴주고 편히 기대면 되
너를 보는 나의 두 눈빛이
말하고 있어
널 사랑해

maen cheoeum neoreul bodeon nal
sujub giman hadeon neoye malgeun misodo
oneuri jinamyeon gakkawo jilgeoya
maeil seolleneun gidaereul hae

museun mareul geonde bolkka
eotteohke hamyeon niga useo julkka
soneul geonde boda eosaek hae jilkka bwa
meotjjeok eun useum man useo bwa

uri seoro banmal haneun sa iga dwe gireul
ajik jogeum seotureugo eosaek hande do
gomawo yo raneun maltu daeshin
jomdeo chinhage mareul hae jullae

uri seoro banmal haneun sa iga dwel geoya
hangeol eumsshik cheoncheonhi dagawa
ijen nae dununeul bara bomyeo mareul hae jullae
neol saranghae

neowa ye soneul jabdeon nal
shimjangi meomchu deuthan gibun deure
museun mal haetneunji gieok jocha anna
manyang seolle neun gibun ingeol

uri seoro banmal haneun sa iga dwe gireul
ajik jogeum seotureugo eosaek hande do
gomawo yo raneun maltu daeshin
jomdeo chinhage mareul hae jullae

uri seoro banmal haneun sa iga dwel geoya
hangeol eumsshik cheoncheonhi dagawa
ijen nae dununeul bara bomyeo, mareul hae jullae
neol saranghae

uri seoro saranghaneun sa iga dwe gireul
jabeun duson yeongwonhi nohji anheul kkeoya
bara boneun neoye nunbit soge
haengbokhan misoman itgil barae

uri seoro saranghaneun sa iga dwel kkeoya
akkyeo jugo pyeonhi gidaemyeon dwe
neoreul boneun naye du nun bitchi
malhago isseo
neol saranghae


The day when I first saw you
Your bright smile full of shyness
we’ll get closer after today
Every day, I have heart-fluttering expectations

What to say to you
How to get you to laugh
I fear it’ll get awkward when I try to hold your hand
All I can do is smile shyly

Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other
Even though it’s still awkward and unfamiliar
Instead of saying ‘thank you’
Talk to me in a friendlier way

Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other
You walk towards me slowly, step by step
Now look at my two eyes and tell me
I love you

The day when I held your hand
I felt my heart stop beating
I don’t even remember what I said
All I feel is a flutter in my stomach

Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other
Even though it’s still awkward and unfamiliar
Instead of saying ‘thank you’
Talk to me in a friendlier way

Hopefully we can speak banmal to each other
You walk towards me slowly, step by step
Now look at my two eyes and tell me
I love you

Hopefully we can fall in love with each other 
I’ll never let go of your two hands from my grasp 
The light of your eyes, gazing at me
I hope there will only be joyful smiles

We can probably fall in love with each other
We can lean on one another and take care of each other
Looking into your eyes, my two eyes
They’re talking to you
I love you


Guitar Tabs!

Intro : G D Em D
          C G Am D

G                                          D
Maen cho eum neo reul bu deon nal
                    Dm                                E
Sujubki man ha deon neo yae mageun misodo
          Am7                     Am
Oneuri jina myeon kakkaweo jilkeoya
           C                               D7
Mae il seollae neun kidae reul hae

G                                     D
Mu seun mareul keon nae bulkka
                    Dm                          E
Ottohkae ha myeon neega useo jul ka
            Am7                           Am
So neul keo nae bu da eosaek hae jill ka bwa
            C                               D7
Meojeogeun useum man useo bwa

           G                                   D
Uri seoro ban mal ha neun sa ee ga dui ki reul
         Em                           D
Ajik cho geum seo tu reo go eo saek ha nae do
             C         D      Bm      Em
Komawoyo ra neun mal tu dae sin
                     C                         D
Chum to chinagae ma reul hae jullae

           G                                   D
Uri seoro ban mal ha neun sa ee gak twil ko ya
                       Em                           D
Han geo reum shik.. cheon cheon hi da ga wa
             C         D      Bm      Em         C
Ee jaen nae du nu neul ba ra bo myeo ma reul hae jullae
Neol saranghae

G                                          D
Na wa yae so neul chab teon nal
                    Dm                          E
Shim jang ee meom chun deut han ki bun deu rae
            Am7                           Am
Mu seun mal hae naen ji ki yeok cho cha ahn na
            C                               D7
Ma nyang seol lae neun ki bu nin geol

           G                                   D
Uri seoro ban mal ha neun sa ee ga dui ki reul
         Em                           D
Ajik cho geum seo tu reo go eo saek ha nae do
             C         D      Bm      Em 
Komawoyo ra neun mal tu dae sin
                     C                         D
Chum to chinagae ma reul hae jullae

           G                                   D
Uri seoro ban mal ha neun sa ee gak twil ko ya
                       Em                           D
Han geo reum shik.. cheon cheon hi da ga wa
             C         D      Bm      Em         C
Ee jaen nae du nu neul ba ra bo myeo ma reul hae jullae
Neol saranghae

Interlude : G D Em D
                C D Bm Em C D7

           G                                   D
Uri seoro sarang ha neun sa ee ga dui ki reul
                       Em                           D
Cha beun du son yeong won hee huh ji ah neul kkeo ya
             C         D      Bm      Em
Baraboneun neo yae nun bit so gae
                     C                         D
Haeng bok han mi so man ee kkil ba rae

           G                                   D
Uri seoro sarang ha neun sa ee ga twil kkeo ya
                       Em                           D
Akkyeo ju go pyeon hee ki tae myeon dwe
                   C         D      Bm      Em
Neo reul bo neun na yae du nun bit chi
Mara go isseo
Neol saranghae

Outro : G

Sunday, September 11, 2011

House Warming ♥

Been close to 3 months since we moved back home after the major renovation. Finally the house is more or less settled down and we manage to find time to organize an officially house warming session.

We organized 3 sessions, 1st session for our friends and colleagues, 2nd session for my dad's relatives, and 3rd session for my mum's relatives. 1st and 2nd session had been held, and the 3rd session would likely be held next week or the week after.

I shant write too much, and will let my photos do the talking. =)
(photos taken from the Canon EOS 60D! finally have the chance to play around with it!)

1st Session - Friends and Colleagues (4September2011)

my room and bro's room!
parent's room and the restroom!
 the food and technical area!

the food!

 the guests!

The living room and hall, and fruits!
my kitchen!

 Muffin dearest shake hand!

 my TBB colleagues! =)

the gifts, my dearest muffin, and my dearest COT! =)

2nd Session - Dad's Relatives (11September2011 - Today)

 the peranakan food! and some peranakan antique pieces left from my grandma!
 muffin dearest, and the view from my balcony!

 my pretty cousin, and my mum with my dearest Muffin!

my relatives and my pretty cousin! =)
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