Friday, December 10, 2010

Hmmm... Should I?

Had been thinking about this for the longest time.

Should I take up the certificate and teach swimming on a part time basis over the weekends?

Would really enjoy teaching little kids~ On top of that as some of you may already know, i really love swimming, ever since a kid. Just sad that i stopped swimming and training after secondary school, due to vanity! Didnt want to be tanned or have a big built! Since young til secondary school days i've been swimming every single week! And since i was in my school swimming team and had to represent school for competitions i had to train very often; bout 2 to 3 times a week! Thus i was really worried i would grow to be even more muscular and tanned than i already was at that time!

Recent years, im also a certified open water and advanced diver. And i realise my passion for swimming is ever still so strong! I can safely say that i love all water sports!

Cant wait to try wake boarding, and pop by Wavehouse one of these days if possible!

Gosh, hesitating~ Have done some search online, and i'll have to go through a couple of test and all to be certified. Not sure if i have the time. =(

Plus, i dont wish to be tanned again~ Haha!

Should I? Should I not? Hmmm........


Mike Kor Kor said...

You really should! I love to teach kids too but dunno what kind of skill can I impart. LOL!

Yuriko said...

Hehe i will try to organize my time first ba! if can i guess i would! =) hmmm...u can probably impart them your weight lifting skills? =P

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