Saturday, December 18, 2010

Advertorial: Aloe Lip Balm

Introducing a very Moisturizing, Handy yet Inexpensive Lip Balm to all my readers!!

With Jojoba

As most people are working in offices with air condition these days, our skin gets really dry and flaky. Most of us, including myself owns a body lotion or moisturizer and either place it in office, put it at home or simply bring a little handy bottle around so that we can apply whenever we feel dry. But some of us tend to neglect our lips and forget that our lips have skin as well! Since body lotions and moisturizer arent edible, we cant apply them on our lips. Most of us simply drink water to wet our lips, but you'll realize that the effect isnt lasting and at times it doesnt really help especially when the condition is pretty serious. My lips are always very dry and tends to crack, and i've been looking for a good lip balm for the longest time. I've used a few other brands including Lip Ice, but realize the moisturizing effect doesnt last very long and my lips would feel slightly sticky and i didnt really like the feeling of it.

A BIG THANKS to Vinci Lipgloss who had offered me the Aloe Lip Balm to try, and i must say i totally LOVE IT!

When i first open it up to try, the first thing that really attracted me to apply it was the Sweet Smell! Upon applying, i felt like my dry lips was Moisturized almost right away! I tried applying it only this morning before i head to work, and i didnt have to re-apply it til at least a few hours later! Really Long lasting effect and my lips doesn't feel as dry already! Unlike the other brands which i've used which i had to constantly reapply throughout the day plus as mentioned, i really dread the sticky oily after feeling, which isnt so for Aloe Lip Balm!

On top of that, since its named Aloe, it contains Aloe Vera extracts. And i believe as most may already know, Aloe Vera is really soothing and conditioning, and good for sunburns, burns and cuts. And true enough, i just read on some information on the Aloe Lip Balm and realize that the Aloe Lip Balm is also known as The Unofficial First-Aid Kit. Some calls it Mini-First-Aid, or First-Aid-In-A-Tube! Besides being able to protect the lips from the sun and dehydration, it also helps to relieve mosquito bites, burns, scalds, sores, cuts, itchiness,sunburns and etc. WITHOUT the unpleasant smell and burning sensation of normal balms and ointments!

Besides Aloe Vera Extract, it also contains Jojoba Oil, Beewax and Allantoin!!

Here is more information and the write up on the Aloe Lip Balm.

(Simply click on the photo for a bigger view of it!)

The good news i want to share here is that, Aloe lip Balm is now here in Singapore!! It is so popular in America that is it once said to be sold 5,000 pcs in 1 hour during a beauty bazaar!! How cool is that huh!!


Simply head to to Order yours NOW!

Its really inexpensive, and i personally think that this is a truly worthy grab!! Its currently ONLY selling at $8.00 (included of Normal postage)

I'm so gonna bring my Aloe Lip Balm around with me every where i go since its so light, handy and convenient! =) 

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