Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Challenges makes life much more Intertesting!

My new job as a Personnel Consultant had commenced on Monday.
My first Salsa lesson with Rain Da Jie had also commenced on Monday.

Both are new challenges to me as I've not taken up this job scope or role before, and thus it's pretty new to me. And I've always wanted to learn Salsa! Its sucha sensual dance! =)

Well, the Salsa lesson is really FUN! First lesson mainly focus on the footwork! And both me and Da Jie kept laughing throughout the lesson!

As for my new job, i would say so far everything is going smoothly, and my colleagues have been really helpful and nice. Hope i can manage well and learn the ropes fast!! Wish me all the best and do show your support! =p


Janelle said...

all the best! the beginning maybe tough but if you think positive and feel the right way.. everything will be smooth..

ps: i just change my job scope few months ago, stay with current company. still got alots of things to learn..

Yuriko said...

hey girl! glad to hear from you! thanks!! yea i will! :) icic~ all the best to you too yea! :) lets both JIAYOU! hehe!

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