Friday, November 19, 2010

Busy BUT Happy!

Dear all~ I've been sooooooo very busy these days! So much so that i've neglected my blog badly! Work has been busy for me! I've been doing OT (overtime) everyday. Not that i want to, but i've got so much to do, so much to learn, so much to catch up on!

Though im really busy, im actually pretty happy right now. Unlike my past employments, where i had to drag myself to work everyday due to the mundane and boring jobscope or i just simply didnt enjoy what i was doing, im actually fine with my job right now, even though i have to do OT without getting paid. I guess this is mainly because im able to find job satisfaction and feel a sense of achievement. Especially when im able to close positions, share good news with my candidates, see or hear that they are feeling happy and receive lotsa thanks and appreciation from them.

Im happy when people around me are happy! And im glad that im able to help my candidates in their career! =) so very glad i took up this role and chosen this path!

With all these said, you guys should know i dont really have time or energy to go out as much as before! Thus i simply have nothing much to update! Everyday i just go home after work, or simply meet bf for dinner, and attend my salsa lessons on Mondays. Thats about it! Haha!

Thankfully there are weekends!! And its finally FRIDAY! Im in need of my 12hours of beauty sleep and rest!! =p Looking forward to burning some fats tomorrow during my badminton session!! Ate so much for dinner just now with Rain da jie, Jenny and Glenn!! We had fish steamboat after returning our graduation gowns!!

Gonna miss having meals like that with them! Well not that we wont be meeting again, but the frequency would be so much lesser as compared to during our Uni days where we dine together quite frequently! Looking forward to our next gathering and meet up! =)

Anyway gonna rest my eyes for awhile now~ Been staring at the computer screen since 8.30am!! Ciao people! And fret not! I've not forgotten you guys or my blog! Will definitely keep this updated as and when i have something interesting or when i do have free time to do so~ =p

Loves to all~

Yours Truly~ =) Been awhile since i last cam-whored!
Randomness with my bro!! Family day! We were on the way out to Orchard to do some shopping and have our dinner with our parents! =)

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