Monday, October 11, 2010


TGIM = Thank God Its Monday! Haha!

Best way to have a great week ahead is to start your Monday right! =) And thats what im gonna do! Found this photo from a friend and i totally LOVE it! Haha! =)

Anyway, sorry for the lack of updates last week. That’s due to a crap load of shyt that happened and I just didn’t have the mood for anything. Adding on that because of it, I ended up having a bad migraine and down with a fever on Friday. The stress is killing me.

Anyway, im fine right now of cause. Gotten over all of it and straighten my thoughts out.

Looking ahead to something bigger and better and prove that I’m worth more than they think!

Anyway just a brief run-thru of last week~

Monday was a horrible day for me. I seriously felt like killing someone that day. Hell broke loose. I lost my appetite. I felt like the ceiling collapse on me. Felt totally fooled and used. But through it all, im glad my Bf was there to cheer me up.

Tuesday I was still feeling terrible. But glad that I have a gd friend whom I rant it all out and she was feeling the exact same way I felt that very day too. Wasn’t so lonely afterall. After work went down to IMM to look meet up with Bf. He bought me a new screen protector and stuff. And I had yummy Long John for dinner.

Wednesday after work went home straight. Brought Muffin for his walk and bath him after which. Folded a mountain basket of clothes, and decided to pack, clear and clean up my dressing table, study table and closet! Super tired after which and knocked out early!

Thursday had cravings for Tomyam Steamboat, and sweety Bf and XiaoQiang brought me to have it at our favourite spot at RoxySquare after shopping for some stuff at Bugis!

Friday as mentioned I was sick. Bf brought me to see the doct and bought porridge for me to eat. After which took my medication and I spend the whole day sleeping~

Saturday rotted at home in the morning and in the evening went to play badminton with Bf, XiaoQiang and Peh. Later at night had DimSum for dinner and went home to sleep.

Sunday woke up and he send me home. After which I went with my parents to my cousin’s place for his son Ayden’s 1 month celebration! He is just so adorable!! =) And I finally got to see my other cousin’s chubby and adorable son Wayne! Super Super cute! Fair and very Chubby! Totally regret not taking photos with them both! =(

And TODAY im back at work and looking forward to an awesome week ahead! A few things im looking forward to but I wont be mentioning it just yet til everything is finalized and confirmed! =) Cheers for me!

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