Thursday, October 28, 2010

Long awaited UPDATE!

Hey ALL~

Im so sorry for neglecting my blog and MIA (Missing-In-Action) for quite awhile~ I know i've only been posting on songs, drama reviews and advertorials lately, and nothing about my personal life. Well, reason being, I'm again toooo lazy! Lazy to sort out or edit photos, and i simply cant recall anything that happened recently~ Gosh, i'm definitely AGING! haha!

Guess i wont go into too much details as to my daily life(just a brief run-thru)~

Career Wise
Firstly, i've left my job as a HR assistant at a really stupid co. with really stupid people. (dont think im gonna name the co. nor those people here. dont wanna tarnish my blog with such nonsence) (not gonna elaborate into details as to the exact reasons whatsoever) (and i guess some of you have already heard about this from me, or could have guessed it from my last few blog post of FB and Twitter status updates)

Secondly, i've found myself a new job, as a Recruiter! I wont name the co. here either(yet, til its much more stable), but if you're interested to look for a new job, feel free to look me up! I'll gladly offer my service to help you look for awesome offers and opportunity! =)

Daily Misc
- Today, Went for my waxing session with Blush, followed by hair trimming and hair treatment at Chapter2. After im done with my hair, went shopping alone and waited for Michelle to knock off before meeting up with her for dinner, catch up and shopping. We each bought ourselves the same PINK pullover from Fox.

- Yesterday, was my lil bro's birthday. Didnt really celebrate as we alrdy had a pre-celebration last Sunday. Thus my dad only bought him a birthday cake! HAPPY BIRTHDAY my beloved bro! =)

Bro with his cake!

- Last few days, was with bf out shopping and eating (Had Sushi Tei, Gelare Waffles with ice cream, Swensons, etc.), or at home doing chores and played with Muffin.

- Last Sunday, went to Parkway for lunch at Jack's place with my family and shopped around.

At Jack's Place! Our glorious food drinks and desserts! Steak, Escargot, Mushroom, Chicken, Soup, Almond Jelly, Cafe Mocha, etc.
Bro and Me in My new Shades! =D

- Last Saturday, played badminton over the weekends,and had a terrible steamboat dinner at Crystal Jade Kitchen (the service is just HORRID!! shorthanded, and we ended up waiting more than half an hour before they finally serve our drinks and bring out the pot for us! its a ala-carte buffet, and ONLY half the list of items we ordered came. and those food that came are only all the cheap stuff. and since the other half of our order didnt appear, they keep giving us the same food that already came to try stuff us til we are full and hope we forget about the other half of our order. and when we want to order rice, they keep reminding us that its extra charge for rice and not included in the buffet, but thats not all, when we said we didnt mind paying and requested for rice, they eventually told us there isnt anymore rice. -.-" they even mess up and mixed up the soup refills and cause the soup to taste all weird!! all these didnt just happen to our table, other tables were experiencing the same and everyone was complaining. mind you that we went at 10+pm, and there were ONLY 5 tables of people! its not even crowded!! And its not cheap for a steamboat, compared to other steamboat places, considering its about +-$25 per pax! TOTALLY NOT recommended! PLEASE avoid if possible!!)

The guys during our Badminton Session. and my New PINK racket! =D

- Last week, spend alot of time watching my k-dramas! Playful Kiss, and You're Beautiful! And i'm really determined to learn Korean!! Planning to take up Korean language lessons soon!

- Last Monday, had BBQ at bf's place with his friends.


- Next Monday, beside starting my new career, its also the start of my first Salsa dance lesson!! After ranting about it for the longest time! I finally found someone, my Rain Dajie, to accompany me to take it up! Yay! =)

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