Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Disconnect to Connect!

Disconnect to Connect! I really like this phrase!! 

happen to chance upon this video that Xiong posted to his gf, and found it really good! a very good reminder to all of us, especially targeted at those using iPhone and Blackberry!

Many a time in life, we are so caught up in our own world doing our own things that we forget about the things and people around us. In this century, most of us are so busy playing games on our phones and laptop that we stop doing stuff that are much more meaningful than the unproductive nor meaningful stuff on the electronics. We tend to neglect the people we love, without noticing it ourselves. We also miss out on many beautiful things thats going on around us.

After watching this video, i hope it'll be a good reminder for most of you to really stop for a moment from doing your own things in your own world, and start noticing the beautiful things around us and also start showing more care and concern and shower more love and attention on our love ones. Dont you think life would be so much more beautiful and meaningful this way? =)

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