Tuesday, September 7, 2010

long waited updates~

im so so so sorry~ i really neglected my blog this time! been toooo lazy to update as i hade been toooo caught up watching and catching up on many Taiwanese dramas! missed out on many nice ones over these last 2 years! And finally i decide to tk time out to watch them alll~ So far over this 1 week i already completed 3 drama series!! YES, 3!! hahaah! i watch them every single day til late night or even morning! And im definitely looking like a panda or walking zombie these days! lack of sleeep and lotsa tearing from the touching scenes that causes my dark circles, eye bags and swollen eyes!~!

Anyway here are the dramas i watched! really old once from 2008~ But they are all really awesome!! And my favourite actor, Ethan Ruan is the lead actor in 2 of the shows! i LOVE~ gosh really wish i can meet him in person this lifetime. wahahaha!

Fated to Love You (命中注定我爱你)

Defeated Queen (败犬女王)

Autumn's Concerto (下一站幸福)

Amongst these 3, my favourite one would be Fated to Love You (命中注定我爱你)! Its like one of the best Taiwanese drama ever! Awesome storyline, charming Ethan, really funny but yet touching! Would really recommend this to everyone who havent watch it! But i believe most should have alrdy watched it! haha! im slow! but its alright! at least i've watched it! =p And im gonna rewatch it again!! =p

Haha! k that aside, a lil update on what i did last week. My memory is really bad and i cant rmbr what i did on which days.So all these updates are not in order.

* had Pizzahut with bf at Suntec
* bowling session with bf and Yiu at ECP Marine Bowl
* Muffin went for full grooming and is bald again!
* bf went for his car photoshoot and the photos are really well taken!
* i finally bought myself a pretty Digital Photo Frame from Phillips. It has 2 different frames for me to change around. Its a kiddy collection. But i think its really cute and i love the PINK frame! so who cares! haha! =p

(photos would be up as soon as im free to watermark them all~)

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