Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lazy weekend~

had a very very lazy weekend. i didnt even wanna move my lazy bones! and my body was giving lotsa wierd 'old people' problems~ back aches, feet aches, stomach cramps. -.-"

friday night after work went to to AMK hub to meet him before we head to Parkway to have dinner and window shopping. After which we head home to start 'nua-ing'. we watched our dramas, after which he watch his soccer while i watch my korean dramas~

saturday, yesterday woke up and laze at home the whole day~ ordered Pasta Mania home delivery! we were so lazy to even go out at all! had our dinner at home and watch tv the whole day til night.

sunday, today woke up in the morning and we head to Tampines Mall with his family to watch the movie, 'Love Cuts'. Its basically a movie that promotes awareness of breast cancer, and to share about what happens and goes on in these patient's personal and family life. And it is to encourage these people on how to handle such situations and such. Quite a touching movie i would say. I would give it 3/5 popcorns. reason being im not a big fan of local actors / actress nor their productions.

after the movie, we head home and rested at home the whole day. at night we went to the airport to have dinner at Crystal Jade Shanghai Kitchen, before he send me home. =)

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