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Advertorial: Miracle Magic Slimming Belt

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Why use Miracle Magic Slimming Belt?

There is no injection, medication or surgery, with the use of advanced Nano-technology which effectively burn excess body fats to acheive a healthy weight.

Product Description

Meridian is the human blood circulation running routes and pulse is the main circulation line of the body running route. Both combines the limbs and vital organs to produce an organic point. The acupunture point is situated in the Meridian which plays an important part to stimulate blood circulation. Through the natural principal of blood circulation, together with our advanced high technology of self heating through a series of Nano Far Infrared Rays ( Rays from the Sun ). The wave length is close to those of the human body and they produce 8 - 15 um wavelengths of far infrared and platinium and magnetic energy, which enables stronger penetration of the skin, subcutaneeous tissue and blood cells to improve the body functions and health.

This effectively produces relaxation for the vulscular muscles, expanding capillary microcirculation, and strengthening blood vessels active substances within the release of biological molecules to activate the human body and hence improve metabolism rate and reduces excess body fats.

Product Capabilities

To promote healthy metabolism rate, improves blood circulation, regulate the nervous system, endocrine activation, relieving and smoothening body and back aches, eliminate fatigue, burning of excess fats to acheive healthier body weight and shapely curves.

Who should use this Belt?

Suitable for post pregnency mothers to lose excess fats, old aged people with cold-chilly body, backaches, cold feet, individuals who would like to remove excess fats and increase flow of metabolic rate and improved blood circulation.

How to use Miracle Magic Slimming Belt?

Spray or sprinkle some clean water on the belt's heating magnetic area. Wrap the belt closely around the waist/arms/legs area, and ensure that there is no gaps. There must be direct contact with the belt heating area to the surface of the skin. After 5-15mins, a burning sensation would be felt, that is when the fats molecules in our body is shrinking and vibrating. Remove belt once you experience burning sensation. It is normal to feel the burning sensation even after you remove the belt, as the burning of fats is still valid even after removal. Recommendate to use twice a day to achieve optimum results.

Product Maintainence

Only use water to clean product with cloth. Soap or washing powder is strictly not allowed.


There is NO side effects and NO damage to the skin. Slight reddness of skin due to the burning of fats is a normal phenomenon which will go away in a few hours. Avoid direct contact to the eyes.

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