Friday, September 10, 2010

Advanced Birthday meet up with my BFF!

Thanks to my BFF Caelyn for the effort made for me this year! =)

Yesterday, after work i went home and slack around. Later at night, she came down all the way from the north-west to meet up with me at East Coast Park!! SO sweet of her yea! =) We had dinner at Sizzling Hot Plate followed by the yummy Taiwanese Snowflake Ice that i can never get sick or bored of!

Our Foodie!

After which we had our girls heart to heart talk by the beach! Stargazing and enjoying the seabreeze~ The night was just so nice! =) After which at about 1+ we decided its time to leave for home. I fetched her to Eunos as its way easier to fetch a cab there, before i head home myself. =)

Chilling out by the beach!

As for today, went to Somerset to meet her again! We walked and shopped around 313, and Orchard Central, had dinner, and then head over to Taka and Heeren. After which our BF both came and fetch us up from Cineleisure.

with my BFF

After which, BF and me head to Iluma to look for his friends. Played at the arcade til it closed and then we head to Selegie for Soya Beancurd and Youtiao. Chatted for awhile before we head over to Changi Airport to continue chatting and had late supper at McDonalds before heading home to rest for the night.

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