Friday, August 6, 2010

What an experience!

This morning woke up early, washed up and prep and took a cab down to the Subordinate Court. Some of you may be thinking ‘what happened?’ Did I do something wrong and am suppose to appear in court? Haha!


Im a GOOD citizen! LOL~

Well, I merely had to go to court to attend a consultation for a Small Claims Tribunal case which I recently filed for my company. And my boss has appointed me to represent them on this case.

I’ve never exactly attended court before, aside from a little tour there many years back due to school excursions. Thus going there this morning was really quite an experience. Security there was strict and I had to deposit my camera which is always in my bag at the counter before I could get in. Took a queue no. and got myself registered at the counter. After which I waited almost half an hours or so just to go into the chamber for the consultation with the registrar and the supposed respondant (im the claimant). But alas as I had expected, the respondant to my claim didn’t appear. And thus by default, a tribunal order was issued and they had to pay us back the money we claimed for including a disbursement. It felt like I won the case! Haha! Only thing was, I was really looking forward to a longer session where im able to have a friendly argument with the respondant to win the case instead. Haha!

Oh well. Not sure if the respondant will pay in the end, as he didn’t appear at the consultation. And we couldn’t find him. But that’s for my company to worry. Haha! I’ve done my part and I’m proud of myself! LOL! =)

Now thinking back! How I wish I had studied harder when I was in school. Then I could be a Lawyer instead! "OBJECTION!!!" How cool! hahaha! =p

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