Sunday, August 22, 2010

Muffin’s day out with Pebbles at ECP

Its been a long time since Muffin met up with his friends. Finally Kandy and I were both able to find time, and we decided to meet up at East Coast Park to walk our little ones!

Muffin was so happy to be out! And im sure he was very happy to meet his first ever gf and love, Pebbles, and of cause also to see Kandy and her fiance! Hahah! He was smiling throughout and running all over to mark his territory to show his macho-ness his usual! =p After the walk, we decided to have dinner at the food centre! Did some catching up before we eventually parted and went home.

Back home, bathed Muffin! My dirty boy had lotsa dirt caught in this fur! Im so gonna send him for full grooming to cut his fur short again next week! =p

* Just in case you cant differentiate, Pebbles is the one with the Pink leash and ribbon, while Muffin is the one with the Yellow leash!

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