Monday, August 23, 2010

Monday Very Blueee~

After my ‘long’ weekend due to my 2 days of MC last Thursday and Friday, I was feeling super lazy to drag myself outta bed! Anyway today, Bf went to collect his new Bride Vios 3 Lowmax bucket seat for his car today. He’s gonna be changing his driver seat, but not my passenger seat! Haha cuz I forbid him from doing so! I prefer his current original STI seat which were much more comfy! I nv really like bucket seats! Not much cushioning and I cant move around much plus its difficult to get outta them especially when I wear mini denim skirts! Haha! And so after which he was so excited to show them off to me! LOL.


But after work I went home first to rest while waiting for him. Waited and waited and end up he only came over to pick me up at 9+! =( super hungry and tired by then! After which we went to ECP to meet up with XiaoQiang and YY for dinner. Tried out the new place, Sizzling Hot Plate! Food was not bad, plus its pretty cheap! And as always we had the Taiwan Snowflake Ice! Yummy!! This time round we tried the new flavour that was the National Day special! Haha! Its actually just strawberry snowflake ice, with strawberries and honey stars! YumYumYum!


After dinner, we played the Big Sweet Land and Mario game. Gosh the Hello Kitty Pink Mahjong set that I wanted was gone! =( *sulks* super upset as u was really looking forward to collecting a few more JPs to exchange for it! Its so pretty! There is still 2 other set of Hello Kitty mah-jong set but in another design available. But I didn’t really like it as much. It’s the glittery sort, pretty nice, but I didn’t like the casing and other accessories in it! =(

Oh well, collected a few more JPs, and off we head to McDonalds for supper before heading home to sleep at 2+am! *gosh* im really putting on ALOT of weight! Time to start dieting AGAIN! =( and im so VERY tired!!

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