Friday, August 13, 2010

Its Black Friday 13th!

Scary day as most may say. But I feeling happy today!

Well, I have to get back to work from my 2 days MC. And work has been alright so far. Though I do feel like sleeping most of the time since I’m on medication.

But I’m happy cuz in a few more hours time, it would be the weekends! TGIF! And also, I’m looking forward to our 1st year anniversary tomorrow! It wont be anything awesome. Just a simple dinner together, at a new place I found on the papers! Hope the food is good! And it would be a together day for just the 2 of us. (or at least I hope!) For this day, we both had pushed away our appointments and he’s gonna take leave from work! Weeeeee~


Well, we’re both not excited bout our gifts for each other. As we’ve exchanged gifts weeks back! Haha! In case you guys missed it. He got me a white gold ring diamond ring and I bought him his iPhone 4!! =)

Presents never fails to perk people up eh! Hehe! =)

My Pressie from him!
His Pressie from me!

later after work gonna go get a cake for us! and probably try to do up something for him before he knocks off from work and meets me! =) weeeeeeeeeeee~


andycruz said...

hi there......u can make this moment special by having a diamond ring for your boyfriend ." SIDE STONE RING"
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Yuriko said...

oOoo thanks for the info! =) and thanks for dropping by!

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