Monday, July 26, 2010


Was chatting with a friend on the topic, Fake. And here's my 2cents worth on this subject.

Things/Goods can be fake, People can be fake. Everything or Everyone around us could be fake.

She mentioned to me about this ‘friend’ who carries a lot of fake branded bags and goods, and claims they are real. Worse of all, she tried selling these fake items to other friends. This clearly shows what kinda person she is. To make things worse, she is fake even as a friend. She acts nice and all in front of my friend. But end up stabbing her in the back.

Another example would be something that happened to me a few years back. Almost similar situation. This girl is really gentle and sweet. Everyone likes her and thinks she is nice. I was one of them who thought she was a worthy friend as well. But alas. Her true colours were out. I was told she stabbed me in the back several times!! Coincidentally, she carries a couple of fake goods too.

This got me thinking, Fake good and fake people, Are they related some how?

Do fake people tend to like buying fake goods? Can we simply judge a person based on their fake goods? Or rather how they flaunt their fake good?

I'm not saying I'm perfect. For all you know, I may be fake as well. And I don’t deny that. Only difference is, when I'm fake, I would make it known to people openly. For some of my closer friends. I believe you know what I mean. I'm mostly straight forward and direct. Its either I like you or I don’t. And i know I've offended many people by being ME. Anyway, that aside, IF or when I have to appear fake, its due to certain reasons or circumstances that requires me to do so.

For example, if you’re a sales person. You may not like the customer, but you’ll have to appear nice in front of them. That’s fake. But its due to circumstances.

Isn't it tiring to be fake all the time? To fake a smile, fake a laughter. Totally exhausting if you ask me. ON top of that, its just a waste of time entertaining people you don't like at all. So y even bother in the first place?

Fake goods, what is there to flaunt and act as if its real? Wouldn't it be more shameful and embarrassing if people realize its a fake? For me, if i cant afford it, i rather just get something nice and brandless. Y bother carrying fake luxury items? Does that make you feel any better? I'm not saying you cant. Its actually ok for people to carry fake items, if they bought it cause it looks nice and the material is good. Totally acceptable. Problem is when these people starts to flaunt it as if it is real when its in fact not? People are not blind. There are many rich people around who can easily differentiate real from fake. So y bother trying so hard to be something you're not?

So do you have many fake people around you? Or are you a fake yourself?

Just some randomness that gets your mind thinking. Nothing in particular. =)

Have a great day people~


RaiN said...

ayy... Fake eyelashes considered? wahahahaha

Yuriko said...

wahahahaha~ no la! LOL! tts a different thing altogether~ LOL!

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