Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Do I have a evil twin?

Recently many people been telling me they saw me at shopping malls. But the fact is, im mostly home, and on those occasions where they mentioned, Im definitely home.

If it’s a friend whom haven’t seen me a long time, they probably mistaken. But if a gd friend could even mistaken, it shows how much resemblance this evil twin has with me!

Sometimes I wonder, will we ever have an evil twin that we don’t know of, not blood related in anyway, miles apart or even decades apart?

Does such things ever happen? Where by 2 people can look so similar but yet not born from the same parents. Sometimes even twins may not look identical. So how could such things really happen?

I’ve no answer to that yet, and I plan to Google search for some scientific explanation if any. So don’t ask me why either, I posted this just to get your mind working and thinking on this lovely cooling Wednesday morning where everyone who needs to wake up early for work or school, would really dread dragging their lazy bones out! Hehe!

And also, I would really love to meet this other girl who looks so much like me! If you do happen to see this, please come forward to say hi next time! Hehe! Or if any of you people know of anyone that really looks almost like me, do let me know too! Hehe! =D

Have an awesome week ahead! =D

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