Sunday, July 25, 2010

Damaging Weekend!

Friday after work, went home and waited for my bro to get home. After which went to have dinner with my family! Dinner was good, and i enjoyed it TTM! After which came home and checked the Toto results~ *sulks* i bought many set of numbers and quite a few sets only strike 3numbers! which is insufficient to win anything at all~ Sigh~ My dreams of winning the 8.3million was dashed! And so were my plans to utilize the money! Haha! Anyway, later at night drove over to bf's place and accompanied him for the night.

Yesterday, Saturday morning went home as he had to go to work, and my parents needed to use the car. Upon reaching home i continue to sleep again and woke up in the afternoon as my mum woke me up to eat. practically lazed around the whole day watching tv. In the evening, went to Expo to meet bf. After which we head back to his place. rested abit before we went out again to meet XiaoQiang and YY for dinner. Had wanted to have dinner at Bugis, but as the place was really packed, we decided to head over to Newton circles instead. Had a whole table full of food again! After dinner, we head over to our usual spot, ECP. Played some games there before we head to have the yummy Taiwanese Snowflake Ice again! Chatted for awhile before XiaoQiang and YY left, while me and bf stayed to play Big Sweet Land. We had planned to collect a few more jackpot points so that we could exchange for prizes! And as planned, we collected 45JPs and exchanged for the PS3 Slim! Well in actual fact its really not worth it! The amount of money we spend could probably buy us 1 and a half of the PS3!! Gosh~ But well, since we already started and step into this trap, we had to think of something we needed and want and get it instead of wasting money getting redundant stuff~ After this, we're definitely gonna stop or at least cut down on such redundancy~

As for Today, woke up in the afternoon, washed up and we head down to Takashimaya~ He went to get another PS3 controller and games, and we went to get ourselves brunch~ And i had initially wanted to get myself a new Agnes B bag! but after shopping around, we just couldnt find anything spectacular which caught our attention. And they didnt carry the one i fancy as its only sold in Japan! =( Had wanted to give up searching for a new bag, and look for it again some other day. But we ended up walking around and head to Burberry!! And 1 of the bag caught both our attention!

Well i dont usually look at Burberry stuff, as im not exactly a huge fan of it. So it was really a very random impulsive buy! Haha! Yes eventually i bought it! Its the Burberry Nova Check Bowling Bag in WHITE! So pretty~ the black one was pretty common, and i didnt exactly like it, and they didnt carry the red. (even if they did i guess i wouldnt want it as im not a big fan of red) Yay as it was the ONLY white bag left on the shelf! We did walk over to the Burberry boutique as well, but it no longer carry any in white! So i was really happy that the only white bag left was the one i like! Hehe! I love anything in White! =) Am a happy girl as always! But again huge damage to my wallet! Haha!


In fact for both bf and i, it was a damaging weekend! =p

At night we went to Parkway as he wanted to buy another game for his PS3, and we bought dinner and bubble tea before he send me home~ =)

Gosh the weekend past in a flash again! I can sense the Monday Blues approaching again~ -.-"

Have a great night everyone! Am gonna be heading to dreamland in awhile~ Weather is pretty cooling now, i wish it rains later when im sleeping! Hehe! =)

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