Sunday, June 13, 2010

Worldcup Frenzy is here!

Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is watching it. (almost)

Almost every guys goes crazy about it, and starts neglecting their GFs because of it.
Breakups and quarrels happened because of it! Its a r/s wrecker!! haha!

Without saying, my BF is crazy bout it and follows it religiously! and poor me gets neglected! haha! ok sort of!! not totally yet! =p hehe!

And so, since i cant beat the crowd, i should just join the crowd and as one of my friend commented, "soak into the fun with them"! LOL!

Anyway i did watch the first match which started on Friday night over at Dear’s place. But i was simply toooo tired and kept dozing off while watching =p I only rmbr it was a bad game played! -.-“

Anyway spend my weekends slping alot! Only went for my cousin’s wedding dinner last night and today went out only in the late afternoon. Dear came over to pick me up and we went over to Tampines mall to meet XiaoQiang. Went to the travel agent to check up on some cruise and Genting rates before we left and head over to Marina Square. XiaoQiang went to pick YY up before going over to meet us there. Had our dinner there, shopped around and went to the arcade and waste some time. Meanwhile the guys kept checking out on the scores of their worldcup matches and talking about it while we girls just kept shopping! =p Was suppose to go Kite-flying, but failed again due to the weather in the late afternoon. And at night it was too dark!

Anyway Dear and me kept buying stuff!! *faints* Once again, heading into John Little meant coming out with plastic bags! =p We bought new bedsheets and comforters for us, a new pillow for him as he was complaining his old one is kinda flat and doesn’t give adequate support to his head. And we bought mouthwash and perfumes for him, earrings for me! After which we head to SASA and i bought more facial products and some cucumber eye pads for us!

Feeling oh so broke~ =p

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