Friday, June 18, 2010

Muffin's Sterilization Day

My brave and strong Darling boy goes for his Sterilization today!

Was so worried i couldnt get to sleep last night! And i was so worried this morning i almost teared!

I couldnt apply for leave as i just started out not too long ago in my new office, and so dearest Daddy and Mummy took leave to bring him to the vet this morning. While in office i received bad news from Daddy, saying that Muffin has an abnormal case and instead of the normal sterilization surgery, he had to go through an additional surgery at his abdominal! thats because he only has 1 testicle that grew out while the other testicle was in grown near or in his abdominal! *worried sick* and i teared on the spot! *heartpain and worry*

my poor lil boy!

prayed and kept my fingers cross while im in office. couldnt concentrate on anything and all i had in mind was a pict of my darling in pain and crying! *sulks*

during lunch time a call came! it was from the vet! i was so worried it would be bad news!! BUT THANK GOD!! Praise the lord! it was good news for me!!

The operation was a success and Muffin is awake already! *phew* and the funny thing was the vet told me to pick Muffin up earlier than the time initally given as he was crying badly and they find him tooo noisy! LOL! =p

And in the evening when i went to pick him up, the vet told me that Muffin is a STRONG boy! hehe! he woke up earlier than normal or expected. he started jumping around and is already hyperactive! and he bark, whine and cry whole day after he woke up! vet even joked that he is a solo singer for the day with no other backup, orchestra nor choir! whole clinic, he's the only one barking! plus he is definitely an attention seeker! haha! keep barking til someone cuddles him then he keeps quiet! LOL!

and when he got home, he was super drowsy and went to sleep right away~ and when he did wake up to walk around he couldnt even walk properly! his legs are weak and he fell down! and he even fell aslp while sitting at one point of time! poor boy!

anyway, feeling blessed, relieved and happy right now! =)

at least from now i dont have to worry bout his in grown testicles turning cancerous and developing complications when he's older! =) the worse is over!

so proud of my darling Muffin for being so strong and brave! thought he is kinda a crybaby! hehe! =p

once again, THANKS to all those lovely friends who had prayed for Muffin and also for all the concerns and consoling during my worrying times! =) 

Photos taken just now after he got home! He's so tired an drowsy, and totally had no strength! And thats the wound and stitches! *ouch*

LOVE my Darling Muffin lots! *muacks*hugs*

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