Saturday, June 19, 2010

Homely Weekend!

As Muffin just went for his sterilization yesterday, i decided to stay home to watch over him to make sure he is fine.

As so, instead of the usual weekends where i'll go out for dinner, shopping, and spend with my Dearest at his place, IM HOME this weekend!

And the best part was, last night after Dear was done doing his stuff and all, he decided to come by my place for the night instead! =)

Upon reaching my place, we walked out to packet some Pratas and Mee Goreng for our supper while we watch the Worldcup match of England vs Algeria! The match FT with 0-0. Again the match is as bad as the one of Spain against the Swiss! Gosh! Lost so much money because of that Spain match! Spain is sucha let down!! Who would ever believe that Spain would lose 0-1 to the Swiss!! =( And i bet many people would expect that England would win too! Almost everyone around me had placed bets that England would win! Super 'Kelong~'Totally nonsensical if you ask me! What have these good teams been doing these 4 years! Guess its all planned!! -.-"

In fact i felt this Worldcup is quite terrible! All the supposedly good teams are under performing! and a friend of mine even comment that watching this Worldcup felt like we're watching the S-league! gosh~ totally a bunch of nonsense and trash! If not for my Bf wanting to watch, i wouldnt have bother watching at all~ Gave up watching this Worldcup ever since the Spain match!

K anyway, after the match we both got tired and decided to rest for the night.

And this morning, woke up feeling pretty happy and 幸福! you know why? thats cause its the FIRST time i woke up on my bed with my BF beside me! Hehe!

Yeap, though i had a couple of Ex-Bf who lasted a couple of years with me, NON of them ever came by my place to spend the night!! Its always only the other way round! Kinda unfair right!! hahaha!

anyway upon waking up we both went to wash up and played awhile with Muffin before Dear went home as he needed to run some errands for his dad.

And for today, i just spend it watching some DVD that my bro had bought, played with Muffin and simply rested the whole day! =) Finally a day for myself to rest and really do some relaxing homely stuff~ Gosh im missing my non-working days already~

With that said, i'm abit worried about my life in office after Monday! My initial superior, Macie had resigned and left the company, and the new person replacing her makes me feel so intimidated! She havent officially started work, but we've met and she looks pretty fierce, too serious and resembles those typical discipline teachers in school days! Gosh~ I really hope she would be nice!! Dear GOD, please bless me with yet another nice superior to work with~!

Anyway hereby want to Thanks Macie for being sucha nice superior, colleague and friend! She's definitely the best superior i've ever worked with before! Always patient, helpful and really nice! =) Wishing her the best in her future endeavours!!

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