Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Mummy Dearest!


Its Mummy's birthday again! Only that this year we werent able to celebrate it on her actual day as my lil bro is in camp! and so we decided to have a belated celebration!

On her actual birthday 3rd June2010 (Wednesday), i gave her the birthday present that i gotten for her a few days before!! =)

Pressie for Mummy! =) Guess what it is? Haha! 
Well, its a Coach Signature Stripe Zip Satchel Bag in Brown!!

And on the 5th June 2010 (Friday), after work rush over to Marina Square to collect the bouquet of Sunflower which i ordered the day before! Met up with BF there and the both of us cabbed back to his place to get his car and drove down to Katong Village to meet my parents and bro at Jang Shou Korean BBQ Buffet for our simple dinner together. Food was good! But way too much meat, ended up we were all feeling so full! Plus the smell of BBQ on our entire body was pretty overwhelming! *sulks* But nonetheless the food and service is good! =)

On the cab going back to BF's place, after picking up the flowers!
 I Love Sunflowers! And Mummy would Love them too! =)

At Jang Shou Korean BBQ Buffet!
(I didnt take much photos as i was too busy eating! =p)

And on 6th June 2010 (Saturday), i came home and we cut the birthday cake that my bro had gotten for my mum! =)

Mummy Dearest with her Pretty flowers, Cutie Muffin (who kept pestering us that he wants to be in the pictures!) and Awesome looking birthday cake! =)

Mummy Dearest with Bro and Me! ♥


Janelle said...

haa.. your mum same birthday as mine...

Yuriko said...

Haha yea~ =)

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