Saturday, June 19, 2010

ATTENTION to all MUFFIN's fans and supporters!

ATTENTION to ALL of MUFFIN's fans and supporters! If you have a FACEBOOK account, Please help to support MUFFIN by clicking on the link below which would be directed to a photo of him placed in an album of Chic magazine! Basically its like a contest. The pet with the most votes/likes would be placed in the next issue of their magazine (Chic Magazine Issue 23, 16July-5August2010) under the Animal's Next Top Model section!!! So PLEASE help and support by clicking LIKE on his photo!! [FYI, you'll have to like the page Chic Magazine first before you can LIKE the photo!]  

THANKS so much for all your help and support! Really appreciate it! And here's a THANK from Muffin, *WOOOOOFFF* hehe~ =)   -----CLICK on this Link to be directed to the photo of Muffin! Do remember to click on LIKE!!

This is the photo i submitted/posted up for the contest! So please DONT like the wrong pet! =p

and IF you cant find the LIKE button, it meant that you havent LIKE Chic Magazine.  ----- Simply go to this link, CLICK on LIKE on the page and then go back to the previous link to his photo and CLICK on LIKE!!

Cut-off time: 28June2010 Noon!

So please do it FAST or NOW!!

THANKS SO MUCH TO ONE AND ALL!!! =) Appreciate It!

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