Saturday, May 1, 2010

Worried Sick!

i was worried sick the whole day, even when i was out with Angela! In the evening, i tried calling him for and hour plus, but was directed to the voicemail! got kinda paranoid~

but, thank God! i was just worrying too much! cuz he eventually called me back and told me his HP was low on battery. He had told me earlier on, but i just couldnt help but still worry~ especially since he is in Thailand! Miles apart from me! Adding on that the situation there is pretty messy!

Cant wait for him to fly back on Sunday!! I miss him so much!!

But anyway, he was out clubbing with his friends awhile ago to celebrate his friend's birthday~ While i was home playing a new game on facebook! got kinda hooked on it and played til i forgotten the time! He soon called after he left the club, and told me he was gonna head back to the hotel~ Told me he was high on drinks, and i mentioned that at least he wasnt drunk to the extend that he didnt call me! Else i would have been worried again! haa~ And he said something that made me happy and smile like theres no tomorrow~ "Even if im drunk, I'll still call you, cause you're the most important to me!" (not the exact words, as i translated this from Chinese!) =)

Hehe! so sweet right!! Gosh im loving my silly sweety dearest boy more and more each day!! ♥

Hehe~ Gonna log off my computer soon~ Waiting for his call to imform me he's safely back in the hotel before i'll go to sleep~ =)

Good night earthlings~ Sweet Dreams to all~ =)

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