Sunday, May 23, 2010

Triple Date Supper!!

Having a bad bad headache now as im typing this post and updating my blog!

But for my lovely readers, i'll finish this before i pop some panadols and head to bed for the night!

Yesterday was a sleeping day for me! Woke up in the morning and went to Century Square with Dear. He was the in charge for the day, and so had to go down to make sure everything was in order. And so, off he went to check on stuff while i shopped around alone~ Soon he was done and came over to look for me. And my shopping craving came again! Was at Watsons and i bought lotsa loots back again!! =p

My Loots from Watson!! Loving Maybelline products these days! they're getting better! I'm already a user of their mascara, gel eyeliners, and lip gloss! And now they have really nice pink casing for their Angel Fit series of foundations! So Pretty i just couldnt resist from buying them! And the lil compact yet pretty casing for their blusher attracted me too! and it comes in a really pretty colors! I personally chose the Strawberry! =D Also, i gotten new eye shadows! Dear chose this color for me! Hehe! =) And i gotten the Hydra Boost as well! Gonna be trying it and writing a review about it and also about the foundation soon! =)

After which his parents came over and we head off for brunch. After brunch, we continued shopping and i bought some Japanese nuts and goodies back for my parents! After which gotten ourselves a Icy Peach Soya Milk before head home. Upon reaching home i knocked off while watching tv at the sofa and napped til evening. Woke up and washed up and we head out to Roxy Square for Steamboat dinner with his family. Ate so much i almost exploded! And i ended up getting tired again!! And so upon reaching home, i took another short nap!! Woke up later at night, at about 11+pm, and Dear brought me along to The Cage for his usual football session with his friends. Valenz and YanZi were also there, and so we chatted awhile waiting for our BFs. After their game, we head off for supper at Changi Airport T2!

As Valenz and Bei had to go get some stuff before joining, us, YanZi, Jonathan, Dear and Me, settled ourselves at CoffeeBeans and chatted til Valenz and Bei came, and we head to Swensons for supper!

Our Large Mocha Ice Blended!

By the time we finished our food and done chatting, and decide to leave for home, it was about 5+am or 6am! Came back home and washed up and we soon head to bed at about 6.45am!

As for today, woke up in the afternoon, watched TV and lazed around before Dear send me back to my place and packetted some food for me and himself before he send me back home.

Upon reaching home, ate my Fish N Chips, bathed Muffin and watched TV. and now here i am, updating my blog and having a bad bad headache!

Gonne head to bed now! Need to wake up for work again tomorrow~ *sulks* Weekends are always over so soon! Cant wait for this coming long weekend! =)

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