Sunday, May 2, 2010

More Shopping and Eating again!

Gosh, i've really been spending too much lately!! Been shopping alot, eating alot!

woke up yesterday and played a new game in Facebook, Nightclub City!! Super addictive game! Its so addictive that i soon neglected Farmville and Restaurant City as they're both very lag!

In the evening went down to Ion to meet my BFF, Caelyn! We headed to The Asian Kitchen for our dinner as everywhere else was extremely packed with long queue!

Our dinner~ Dinner was not bad! Quite yummy! =)

After dinner, we commenced shopping! And again, i bought another bag with her! Haha! Now we have the exact same bag of the same color! LOL!

BFF and Me!

We Shopped from Ion, to Wisma, to Taka. Got kinda thirsty and so we ordered Auntie Aunt's Passion fruit juice and sat down to rest our feets and chat! After which continue shopping til the shops are closed before we went to meet Vic. He send me to Cityhall before the both of them head to Marina Bay Sands!

Our Auntie Aunt's Passion fruit juice!

Yours Truly with my New Ribbon Hair Clip that i bought 2 days ago!! =D

As for me, came home and continue playing Nightclub City while blogging and chatting with Caelyn!

Counting down a few more hours! Dearest is flying back to SG!! Weeeeee~ *happy* Miss him so much! and i cant wait to fall into his arms!! Hehe!

On top of that, today is my last day of FREEDOM and carefree life!! Cause after today, which would be Monday, I'll be back to working life!! Official commencement of work!! Im so excited too! Hehe!

Gonna go sleep now~ tired!!

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