Monday, May 3, 2010

Mixed Feelings! Excited! Tired! Happy! Sad!

Today is my FIRST day of work at my NEW office!! was sooooo excited last night that, although i went to bed early, i couldnt get to sleep! end up tossing and turning til 1-ish am, and i woke up at 4-ish am! -.-" I eventually did manage to go back to sleep, but i woke up again at 6-ish am! Went to bath and prep, ate breakfast and im outta the house!

Took the train, and it was extremely packed! i had to wait for 2 trains leave before i manage to squeeze onto the 3rd train! BUT, i was still soooo early! Took a slow stroll to office, and reached at 8.42am! End up i was the first to reach, and since it was my first day, i didnt have the keys nor access code! Had to wait outside the office before 1 of my new colleague came!

Settled down, and got to know everyone~ Didnt really do much today, just some run through of the programs, setting up of my email and skype, knowing everyone, taking notes of where the files and stuff are, and other misc~

As i didn't have sufficient sleep, i kept yawning in office all day! Super TIRED!! =(

Well, so far, my colleagues are all pretty friendly and nice, and that includes my Director, VP and other managers and bosses! They're all so nice!! Hopefully its not just a 1st day thingy though~ haa!

Anyway, after work, BF and XiaoQiang came over to pick me up!! =) Happy Happy! And he brought my favorite BUBBLE TEA to share with me!! We then head over to Parkway to shop for some stuff before we eventually head to Old Kallang Airport for dinner~

Our Yummylicious Dinner! Seriously! Trust me! ALL these taste so awesome!! =)

After dinner, they send me home, as i need to work tomorrow, and thus couldnt join them for other activities nor accompany my BF. =( Its only the first day, and im starting to miss my carefree life where i can accompany BF all the time, fetch him to and fro from work and join them in supper and night activities and bear catching! *sulks*

Guess im too use to this kinda life! Considering its been a year since i last work! Hopefully i can quickly adapt to my new lifestyle again! Sleep early, Wake up early, Go to work early!!

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