Friday, May 21, 2010

Iron Man 2!

After work today, took a train down to Bedok, and from there, Dear picked me up and we head down to Katong, Magic Wok for our dinner.

It serves Thai food at really affordable prices! Plus the food taste good too! Here are some of the dishes we ordered! I forgotten to snap the bowl of Thai Ruby for our dessert though. Well i never really like red ruby, so i cant comment much on the dessert, but the other food we ordered taste quite good =)


After which Dear brought me for a Movie Date! Its been awhile since the both of us watched a movie together. As in just the both of us ONLY. So yea quite a surprise, as he had done all the online booking and all before he told me that he's gonna bring me to watch it! =)

As we reached Kallang Leisure Park pretty early, we shopped around and went to the arcade. And he caught me a lil piglet! we had almost wanted to complete the collection with a pooh and a tigger, but we simply didnt have enough time. Soon we head in to the theaters for our movie, Iron Man 2!

The little piglet! and our movie tix!


I would give this 3.5/5popcorns! Overall the movie was good! Except for the ending! I feel the producer seem to be rushing to finish it! The villain died too easily and quickly!

Anyway after the show, we headed home to rest for the night~

A random photo of my office desk, my daily essential - Lipton Milk Tea, and some Japanese snacks from my colleague who came back from Japan!

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