Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hugs and Tugs!

Sounds like the name of the 2 baby Carebears? Hehe! Well, nope I aint referring to them~

I love being tug to bed at night and greeted with a warm hug early in the morning!


Feeling so blissful this very morning~

Woke up this morning and was greeted by a warm big hug from my dearest! =) In fact he’s always so sweet to tug me nicely into bed whenever I go to bed earlier than him! And thats exactly what he did last night! Feeling Oh So Blissful today! =D Hehe!

Anyway woke up kinda too early, went to bath and prep, and I was half an hour earlier than the expected time. Thus I just lay in bed watching him sleep til it was time for me to leave for work~ (Oh, if u’re wondering, didn’t he give me a hug when i woke up? He did! But he went back to sleep again when i went to bath! Haha!) Anyway he walked me to his condo Lobby area to board the condo shuttle bus. After which I head to work happily~ =)


How I wish EVERY morning and night would be like that! =)

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