Saturday, April 17, 2010

Self Pampering!!

Self-pampering is one of the best way to keep yourself happy, and also one of the best way to burn a hole in your pocket!! =p

Yesterday woke up and we went to Tampines Mall to have Brunch and shop around. Bought myself a nail top and base coat as my current one is finishing soon! Also i bought a new Toner recommended by Lisa. (will try using it first. will blog bout it if its really good!)

After which, we left TM and head over to Lisa's place as i wanted to get my SK II Facial Treatment Essence (aka. 神奇水 Miracle Water)!! Had troubled her to get 2 bottles for me! bought 1 bottle for my Mummy Dearest too!! Yay!! Finally got it! Heard many good comments and feedback about it from my friends, including Lisa and Rain, and thus wanted to try the wonders of Pitera myself! =)

My SK II 神奇水!! Hope his works wonders for me!! =)
(If its really that wonderful, i'll surely blog another post specially bout it! so do look out for it within probably a month's time!)

after which, head back home and lazed around. at night, we head out for dinner with XiaoQiang and WhyWhy. And as usual, since there aint much to do at night, and its been our latest craze and hobby, we headed down to EastCoastPark again!!! hahaha~ Played the Big Sweet Land again! after which the guys played Billiard while i chatted with WhyWhy throughout the night~ =) Since we're both Virgos, we clicked very well and had lotsa similarities, and thus had alot to chat about! I as initially still kinda bored that we might not have the same topic or interest due to our age gap!! =p

anyway we accompanied XiaoQiang to fetch WhyWhy back home since its a long journey! (she stays in the west while we're in the east!) after which we head back to ECP to get bf's ride and went to packet food before going home to rest for the night!

As for Today, woke up and he send me home. shortly after i reach home, my parents went to pick Muffin home from his full grooming and dental scaling session!! and now, he's very naked, petite, skinny, lamb-like, and smelling very good!! hahaha! yup, had to trim off his long fur, as the weather is pretty hot these days and his fur keeps tangling up!! plus i aint home everyday to groom him, plus i will be starting work soon! wont have as much time to accompany him. miss his long fur though, cuz i always thinks that he looks cuter with long fur! =p

in the afternoon, it started to rain heavily with scary thunders and lightning! but me and Mummy decided to go over to Jessie's place (owner of / for her open house sales anyway!! there were lotsa bags, and i had hesitated between a few, but after much consideration on its material, style and durability, i ended up getting the Kate Spade Small Basic Nylon Henry in Red! =) Its the size i was looking for, the material is pretty good and its looks pretty nice as well!! Happy me!! I almost got  the Prestwick Noel Quinn which is in black patent leather and the interior is of a quality that has shimmers. But alas, i didn't get it as i feel that the interior color will run very quickly and as I'm not one that takes particular care of my things, I'll probably scratch the patent leather very soon~ though it really looks nice!! Had wanted something of another shape, but didn't see anything i was looking for~ and Mummy didn't see anything to her liking as well, thus she didn't buy anything this time round. hopefully after i start working, can save up to buy some stuff for mummy dearest, lil bro and daddy! =)

Kate Spade Prestwick Noel Quinn - the bag i almost bought!

Kate Spade Small Basic Nylon Henry in Red! - the bag i eventually bought! =) my FIRST red bag! haha! quite an impulsive buy, but after buying it home, i quite like it! something to brighten up my closet and bag rack! finally something different! not my usual kinda buy, and not something i ever thought i would buy. well, there is always a FIRST time! hehe! so yea. this is my first time, my Virgin Red Bag! =D


anyway a lil update on my life!

i had hesitated about this and intended to post this only 2 weeks later when i officially commence, but...... i worry I'll be too busy or tired by then, and start neglecting my blog...

haha. ok. bad excuse. i couldnt keep this from my sweet readers anymore! hehe! i finally found a job!! yeap, a job i like, and i job I've been wanting. at least its my area of interest and its part of my future goal! =) though i have to start from scratch since my past 4 years of working experience isn't exactly related, and though the remuneration isn't as spectacular, I'm still happy and glad i got the job!

it'll be a stepping stone for me to reach my ultimate goals, and i do hope this time round i would have really nice colleagues and bosses to work with! everything is confirmed and I'm so looking forward to it the official commencement of work in 2weeks time! =)

not gonna disclose too much details though, only my closer friends would know. =) but I'll be working in Orchard area~ so dear friends, next time we can meet for dinner and shopping after work in town! =) Yay!! But that would also mean, I'll do a lot of shopping! haha! *worry* hope i wont burn a huge hole in my pocket while working there~ LOL!

meanwhile, WISH ME LUCK! =D


Janelle said...

Hey Jas, Cya around in orchard area.. Im in dhoby ghuat...

Janelle said...

anyway, u got your job thru direct one or agency one?

RaiN said...

Yes dear, SKII work wonders! And, you probably can already feel the effect after a few applications :D

COngratulations! You finally took that job! So happy for you!

Yuriko said...

Xingyi: hehe yup cya! :) anyway I got it direct. Didn't go thru agency :)

Rain: thanks da Jie!! Hehe! Yup finally!! :) ooo really? Will monitor the next few days then! :) hopefully our next week up u can spot some difference in my face then! Hehe!! :p

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