Wednesday, April 14, 2010


crap crap crap and crap!!!

Google Adsense just disabled my account as they suspect there is a risk of generating invalid activity. -.-" totally crap.

People click to go in to those ads so they can find out more and see if those are what they are looking for. Without clicking, we wont know what it is. But that doesnt mean that it is a MUST to sign up or purchase anything from these ads. and this is just part of the risk that they should bear if they want to set up such online advertisement.  Plus its not like they are paying out a few dollars per click. its just a few cents!! can u imagine how long it takes just to accumulate that few cents to get a US$100 to get paid! I waited so long for my next payout which is pretty soon as my account is already generating the minimum payout amount. =(

But they just simply disabled my account without warning and confiscated the amount that was generated and accumulated over the few months!!

This is just so unfair, dont you guys agree? I felt so cheated!! =( =(

NOT gonna help Google Adsense anymore! Have removed all Ads and also the Google Search Engines from my blog.

Total waste of my blog space and loading time. -.-"

Guess i'll just have to search for other ways to earn money online !!


RaiN said...

Sounds terrible.

Did they block your account or just that it showed some spamming page? If it's due to spamming, usually it will be resolved after awhile or after clearing your cache. At least it worked for me

This doesn't seemed to be Google's WoW though. I understood Pearlyn works in Google. Maybe you can ask her?

Yuriko said...

They totally blocked and disabled the whole account. Cant login anymore. They already send me an email notification.

Nah, forget it. Totally nonsense. Cant be bothered to waste my time ya.

And i didnt know she works with Google. Cool!

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